Sunday, July 13, 2014

Willie's Tug Moves On -- 7/8/2014

Stimson Marina has been a good home for us -- for all the reasons why -- and everything is now in order for us to begin our cruise farther north.  Herb checks the currents in the Sound and makes plans to leave after picking up a package at our mail delivery at Shilshole.

However, the rules change:  the package is not on schedule, so we divert it to Anacortes and decide to get a head start on the trip by going to Shilshole Marina today.

We get Willie's Tug ready to travel, with lines in place for either the big lock or the small lock to go from the inland fresh water lakes to Puget Sound.  A look to the rear shows a very large dredge and tug enroute, and we know she will be in the big one.

Casting off, we are a bit early for either lock, so tie up to the waiting area to watch for a green light on one of the locks, which will be the signal to begin our entrance.

We see coming out of the big lock a tall tugboat pushing a barge loaded with sand, probably going to the concrete plant on Shilshole Ave in Ballard.  Our bow line is seen at the left of the photo, looped around a bollard to secure us until we are directed into the lock.

Big Sandpile!

Once into the Sound, it is a short ride to Shilshole Marina, which has plenty of room for us.  We pick a slip and settle in, go on shore to pick up our mail, then do some exploring to revisit places where we had been on a previous trip.

Later in the afternoon a gorgeous 34 ft. Beneteau comes in and we see the name, Windrush

I'll bet'cha!

We meet Rita and David of Victoria, who tell us they remember the yellow Willie's Tug from a visit to Butchart Gardens a couple of years ago.  

Small world.

 Rita and David

At 8:12p Mr. Sun gives us a perfect  evening sunset, radiating his warm rays of orange, yellow and reds and  seems to tell us he approves of everything,  and all is well. 

We think of Brent and what a wonderful job he does at Stimson to make it a nice place for his guests.  We hope to return later in the Fall. 

 Brent Welcomes Guests in the Reception Area

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday, July 8, 2014

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