Friday, July 25, 2014

The Storm at Homfray -- 7/23/2014

Mar and I agree it is OK to turn our generators on at 5A for coffee, especially since they plan to leave around mid morning.  We love the name of their boat, but even more-so the name of the dinghy -- "50-50."  Quick as a wink she and Gar release their lines and prepare to cast off.

She brings "50-50" along the stern while he weighs anchor.  With fresh water from their water maker, he washes the anchor line as it comes up.  It seems to take a long time until the hook is visible.

Smooth glassy water is good for travel, and we watch as Half and Half becomes a tiny toy boat against the steep gray mountain beyond, and the chairs again line up to welcome the next group of visitors.

All is quiet for a time before we see the winds begin to blow and break up the glass under our boats.  I enjoy the snugness inside Homfray Lodge and Herb watches from the porch, with Dr. Jake becoming Mayor of the Porch.

What is this I see?

I step outside to find a pouring drip off the rooftop of the building. 

Ok, I will just stay inside and explore the building.  The three Macey brothers bought the property a few years ago and have been restoring and improving it.

Here is where we are.  The map shows Desolation Sound at the bottom and Herb points to the location of the lodge on Homfray Channel.  The Navionics program on my iPad pinpoints the exact location with the red arrow.  It points to land, because the iPad is not on the boat, but in the lodge with me.

There are cabins and guest rooms about, and the ground floor features a great room for weddings, business retreats, and other events.  (My 'office' is at the table on the left.)

Conference Table

Dave and Scott manage the lodge, while Matt takes care of the website and begins stocking the store.  Fishermen will be happy at the selection of supplies here.  We joke with the two brothers that because we never see Matt, we think they invented him to have someone to blame things on.

During a brief respite from the rain Scott helps Herb move Willie's Tug back to the corner to make room for Steve and Tina to bring in American Pride.  Rain continues, the tide goes out, and before the ramp gets too steep to negotiate in the rain, I pack up the laptop and head down to boat, where we take Jake aboard to dry him off.  He doesn't seem to care about the precip and sleeps wherever he is comfortable.  At one point Steve takes him aboard American Pride and I ask if Tina used the hair dryer on him yet.  No.

As we pass their boat, Tina calls out to invite us to Happy Hour and dinner.  She serves her tasty lasagna in the spacious dining area, which is quite cozy with two almost dry dogs.  Cuervo puts his head in my lap, while Dr. Jake is oblivious to the goings on.

The rain does not let up after we get back to Willie's Tug, the wind is blowing more, and the sky gets very dark.   The cool front is moving our way and we think of friends on the hook and hope they are safe.

It might become a dark and stormy night!
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday, July 23, 2014


  1. This looks lovely, we tried to stay there last year but they were full! Enjoy! Cindy

  2. They are so friendly and welcoming, but reservations these days are recommended. Good internet!

  3. I have just been reading your blog posts, great pictures and a fun, informative writing style. I am one of the brothers of Homfray Lodge, Matt. I have missed you twice now! Next year i will make sure i am there when you show up! Will look forward to meeting everyone!

    1. You really do exist! Hopefully, we can let you know in plenty time to be convenient for you. Thanks for the comment.