Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Mystery Ladder Golf Player -- 7/21/2014

Our second day at Gorge Harbour, Cortes Island, begins as a work day -- laundry!  but the laundry room is a nice meeting place for friends also doing chores.  While waiting for the machines to complete their cycles, I deposit my recyclable items in the designated barrels and check out all the wonderful things I need or don't need from the store.  

Exciting start to the day!

A few boats leave for fishing and return to tell their stories.  There is much visiting on the docks with people coming and going, and hors' doeuvres being prepared for the late afternoon Happy Hour.  Port Boathouse Dave's specialty is shown below.  I have to sneak into the serving line to get a photo before its presentation is disturbed -- uh, oh -- one piece is already about to slide off the serving board.

Port Boathouse

At the evening gathering Jeff  wraps up the day, gives a few suggestions for boaters new to Desolation Sound.  Those who have been here a time or two are more than willing to share experiences and helpful hints.   Standing at the left in the photo is Butch, who is always hanging around the grill, lending a hand.

Chef Chris

Jeff introduces Marcia, who represents Volvo Penta, the engine in many of the Ranger Tugs.  She thanks us for coming and announces the dinner of grilled beef and/or chicken burgers.  There is lots of potato salad.  Lots of potato salad.

Sue and Stu have their plates ready for the tempting meal, whose aroma is floating out over the cliff.

Dinner is served!

Karen finds an efficient way to discuss plans of where to go.  A chart with great detail leaves no doubt.

As shadows lengthen, conversation continues for quite a while until the chilling breeze sends us all to our boats or to get sweaters.  

Ed, Jeanne, Christie, the Livingstons

The featured game for the evening is Ladder Golf. It is played with bolas, which are two golf balls connected with a nylon rope.    A ladder with bolas is shown in the photo with Karen.  Read about it at the link.  

Guess who is playing....

Love the Sox!
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Monday, July 21, 2014

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