Thursday, July 17, 2014

Willie's Tug Meets OdySea! --7/14/2014

As I wake this morning in Clam Bay, I see trees on the shoreline scrolling past as the boat swings on the hook, which is confirmation that the anchor is holding.  

...and that the winds are up.

We use the camp percolator on the propane stove to make coffee to conserve battery power, and before we can pour a steaming cup, the winds lie down.  Willie's Tug settles into a gentle rocking.

It is high tide and the red channel marker appears very short this morning.   A dinghy and a small fishing boat row nearby -- have their motors quit???

Clouds are scattered over the sky to the east and north in shapes resembling the Gulf Islands and we notice most of the 16 boats have left the anchorage for their day's trips.  We have no schedule this morning and take advantage of our time to work on a few projects.  

Herb installs a check valve on the shower sump discharge.

With chores done, we enjoy the rest of a leisurely morning and leave Clam Bay for Ladysmith Maritime Society Marina on Vancouver Island around 11A.

It is sunny now as we turn to port and north into Trincomali Channel, with seas at one foot or less.

The cruise to Ladysmith is not very far and I am amused at the names of some of the islands or rocks.  We pass Ragged Islets at the north end of Thetis Island.  They are not very large, so have a marker to indicate danger.

Herb sees OdySea on AIS, as he has been for several days, tracking her always as one day ahead of our planned route.  She is just now coming out of Ladysmith Harbour and we may meet her as we enter.  

Yes, rounding the south end of Evening Cove, we see her!  

OdySea, a yellow 27 ft Ranger Tug, --- formerly known as -- Willie's Tug!!!

Be still my heart! 

I have often wondered should I see her again, would I shed a tear, as I did when I climbed aboard the R-21, Hercules at the Bremerton Rendezvous?  

Oh, she is beautiful! Herb and Mike have a brief conversation on Channel 68.  

Chris calls out that we will visit when we see them in Comox at the Ranger Tug get-together later in the week.

Now into Ladysmith Harbour, Paul gives us our slip assignment and we take Dr. Jake for a walk up the sloping hill to the left at the end of the dock and get a nice view of the marina.

...and the soon to be ripe blackberries....

If we continued this path, it would lead us into town which has several restaurants, shops and the 49th Parallel Grocery Store with its truck to bring us and our purchases back to the marina.  

As I take a photo of this rocky hill, Herb asks if I see the bear.  No.  I love trees and I see trees.  I love rock and I see rock.

Where's the bear?

I zoom in for a shot of the bear.  Cool, Herb, very observant.  Well, maybe he just doesn't like trees and rock.

Ladysmith Harbour is one of the nesting areas for the Western Purple Martin and members of the Maritime Society work to see the population recover.  Read more about it here.  

As we approach this nest to photograph the Purple Martin sitting on top, one comes out of the house to greet us and perches on the porch.

Find Willie's Tug....

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Monday, July 14, 2014

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