Saturday, June 28, 2014

Paraclete -- 6/24/2014

It has been such a wonderful weekend, both at Bainbridge and here at Blake, but we must return to Stimson Marina at Ballard today.  We take advantage of a lazy morning, very quiet, as many of the boaters have already left.  MoonShadow peeks from behind Willie's Tug, with Paraclete over on the right of the photo on our port side, no longer in the U of the main dock.

Blake Island where have I heard that name...or word...Revelation?  No.  Ok, when I get a minute I will Google it.  Yesterday Vicki and I saw the picture of a dove on their burgee, and that gets my attention.

Just at this moment the owners of Paraclete, Bill and Jackie, come to visit Herb and me.  They bring their doggie, Abby, to visit Jake.   Abby is listed on their boat card as 'Deck Watch Commander.'  I think I like these people already.

We give them a tour of the R-31 and describe the differences we have from our R-27.  Pointing out the extra cabinets and shelves that have been added, we show how all available space is utilized.  

Our conversation turns now to their boat and its name.  Paraclete, Jackie tells me is from a Greek word, parakletos, and translates to Holy Spirit, Comforter, Counselor, or Advocate.  She says the name fits, as they have had much comfort on that boat.  So this explains the dove on the burgee.   Later I find these references in the Bible:   Isaiah 11:2; John 14:16; 15:26 and 16:7. 



We notice the boats are starting to come in, so we should give up our spot on the dock and head across the Sound.  We give hugs all around, and marvel at our chance meeting.  "No," Bill says, "nothing is by chance."   We have been able to share ideas and travel experiences, and Bill comes away with information on a smaller trailer-able boat, the truck for pulling it, and also choices of motor homes.  Great visit. 

We hope to see them again some day on the water (in their new smaller boat?) or on land in their motor home.

We are sad to leave Bruce and Vicki, but glad they can stay another day on the island.  They help with our lines, give us a push off and take a photo of our departure.

                                                                   Photo courtesy of Bruce Moore

Jackie and Bill on Paraclete
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014

Sister Ships -- 6/23/2014

Herb gets good news by a text from Bruce and Vicki to say they will join us today at the Washington State Park on Blake Island, across Puget Sound from Seattle.  We are delighted and watch excitedly as each boat leaves our very full marina (and thereby makes a space for MoonShadow).  The park host assures us that our friends can raft to us temporarily until a space opens up, if not available when they arrive.

In the meantime, Dr. Jake C Harleton MD, ferocious watch dog, keeps the raccoons away.  He rarely barks, but when he does, we go immediately to see what terrible thing is going on.  In broad daylight these animals -- actually I see only one at a time -- come either down the ramp from the island or swim and jump up onto the dock, looking for food.

So cute!

We see him climb aboard someone's boat, but Jake instructs him to leave!

I barked!  Did I do good?

And he does.

For a time.

Then here he comes back.  More barking.

Now we hear an engine start and think how lucky can we get that a space opens up right near us.   We keep a watch on AIS to see if MoonShadow is on the way!  The policy for the parks is first come, first served, so we cannot save a space for her.  But she should be here soon.

At this moment the park host comes to ask us to swing around from the tie in the U to take a side tie along the finger pier, so he can accommodate a larger boat that will need more space.  (It is amazing how they juggle, tying and retying boats to make room for the new arrivals.)

Shortly thereafter, SV Blown Away comes in and literally is blown away from the dock.  Herb and the park host go to help catch her lines for a safe tie.  (In the space I wanted for Moon Shadow.)  Not to worry; it will work out, although having our sister ship raft to us for the entire stay is perfectly fine!

Children walking the docks stop to pet Jake, and he is quite accommodating.

We enjoy hearing the birds sing, different notes than we have heard recently, and have to shew them out of the cockpit from time to time, while now and then they fly straight through from one side to the other where the curtains are rolled up.

Bruce shares later they are barn swallows in search of insects.  Yea!  We hope they are successful, and allow them to rest on our bow rail.



I see an insect!

I should fly now!

The moment arrives when MoonShadow calls to say she is near, then cruises into the harbor and temporarily rafts to Willie's Tug.  We also see in the background of the photo  Paraclete, the boat we moved to make room for, now moored in the U.  

Blown Away lets us know they are ready to depart, having come only to have a picnic lunch, so our crew readies to walk MoonShadow back and tie behind us.  Skippers plan how we will take lines loose and hand off to the next person, and it is a smooth operation.  

No photos of that, as the camera person was also helping with the move.

At five o'clock we serve cocktails and snacks on Willie's Tug, followed by Bruce's and Vicki's Fiesta dinner aboard MoonShadow.

Nothing bad ends with "Tini"  (cocktail napkin)
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Monday, June 23, 2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014

More of Seattle and her Front Yard -- 6/22/2014

Our Tyee friends loose our lines and give us a push off as we depart their Eagle Harbor outstation and turn toward Blake Island, where we hope to spend some time at the Washington State Park.  Our plan is to go early so as to catch Destiny and Hayden Bay, who are rafted and hanging on the hook in the harbor, but the tide dictates a prudent wait.  Herb sees .6 ft depth under Willie's Tug on the chart plotter, and we wait.  

We wait.

Soon we are able to leave and cruise toward Destiny under bright sunny skies and relatively calm water. We see her anchored with Hayden Bay rafted, so Yea they have not left.  As we approach, we see no-one peering out to welcome us; surely they are not still sleeping....

Explanation:  a phone call from David tells us they have gone into town for breakfast, are just now arriving at the dock to hop into the dinghy for the ride back to the boats.  David finds an opportunity to photograph Willie's Tug as she nears their anchorage.  

                                                                     Thanks, David, for the photo!

When they return, we raft to Destiny for a short visit.   In the words of David, "What a great life we lead," as evidenced by the leisurely morning relaxing and enjoying friends.  

Herb, Marcus, David, Maureen, and Jorge
The conversation gets around to Seattle, the skyline and some of the buildings, especially the Columbia Center, the tallest building in Seattle and the state of Washington, as well as the 20th tallest in the whole United States.

There is an observation deck on the 73rd floor of the 76 floor building, where the public can enjoy what must be a fabulous view.  

Find the Columbia Center....

So obvious is the darker building on the right.

Marcus describes the architecture -- the stacks or columns that are placed together to form the building,  but I don't dare try to repeat it accurately, so will borrow a photo from

copy from Pacific Coast Architectural Database   "The building had an unusual form, composed of three large arcs placed back to back, each oriented to the west, south, and east, facing Elliott Bay, Mount Rainier and the Cascades respectively. Compare with a rectilinear block, the arc form provided increased window surface area to be exposed toward the remarkable views."

Maureen has a schedule today, so we say so long for now to the group, un-raft, and look forward to the next time we meet.

Continuing to Blake, we head south to the very small island and hope there is room for us.  There is usually a park host, but no reservations are allowed.

A gleaming snow covered mountain reaching far up into the skies catches my eye.   So beautiful, Mount Rainier fills my camera lens. 

As we get closer to the island, we see many, many sailboat masts peering over the breakwater, and I am so afraid the marina is full.  However, we will cruise inside and look at each finger pier.  We don't see a space for us at first, but as we slow to a crawl, a park host appears and tells us to raft to a piling to wait for a vessel that will leave shortly.

Well, they don't leave soon, but the host finds a place for us in the U of the pier, along side the main dock.  That will work.

There are nice walking paths along the perimeter to a beach, and Jake takes his walk toward some feeding deer, just as the evening sky paints a pink glow.

A deer starts to cross in front of Jake and Herb in search of greener grass - 

Not fearing the dog, he continues his crossing, and I can guarantee Dr. Jake will not chase him!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, June 22, 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

Rock 'n Roll -- 6/21/2014

Today is Saturday and the big day for the Tyee Yacht Club at their Eagle Harbor outstation.  

And for us!

Find Willie's Tug....

The Entertainment Committee gets really busy decorating for the 'Rock 'n Roll' party to be held tonight.  Although the tables are made festive looking with blue, yellow and pink confetti and strings of beads, I am particularly attracted to the colorful banners, especially the Peace banner on the rail of the clubhouse deck.

Inside, the dining room is made ready with entrees being kept hot, and guarded by Elvis, who will not leave the building.

The roving camera captures a few folks gathering for Happy Hour and snacks or simply relaxing on the grounds.

Tasty appetizers made with loving hands -

Who remembers Cheez Whiz from the Rock 'n Roll era?

And the Peace signs?


The stars of the party - 

Irma and Greg

Dr. Jake gets a kiss - 

After dinner, there are games, the first of which is introduced by Dan with his Trivia questions.    Ninety-nine percent of the questions are from the Rock era, song titles, artists, Top 40, and more -- but cleverly he throws in one about the Rolls (Royce) car.  Boo-ing or groaning is heard!!!  Or was it "Tilt?"

Dan explains that this IS a Rock 'n Roll party.

Nevertheless, someone does get the correct answer.


Karlee grabs my camera to document our being guests.   We become surrounded.

Others join the photo shoot - 

And more now - 

I think this would be called 'piling on' - 

Hilarious -

The Injured Knee

Len, Greg, Karlee

Capt. Bill

Dr. Jake is tethered away during dinner.

What about me?

Every social should have a business meeting, and Past Commodore Gail calls the meeting to order to swear in a new member, Phil.  Among other things, he pledges to participate in club activities.  (Not hard to do, in my opinion.)  Congratulations, Phil.  Meeting adjourned!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, June 21, 2014