Thursday, June 19, 2014

Willie's Tug Comes out to Play -- 6/16/2014

Willie's Tug wants a little exercise today and Dr. Jake is ready, so on this beautiful, bright sunny Monday, I loose the lines and Herb eases her off "O" Dock at Stimson Marina.  We anticipate another look at the ship canal and inland lakes to the south.

Shortly into the cruise we pass Foss shipyard and let our minds imagine what huge tug is under the wrap.  I am reminded of a comment made to us in an elevator in downtown Seattle recently.  Upon seeing the embroidered name of Willie's Tug on Herb's cap, a man said, "Oh, you have a tug!  My best friend just retired from Foss.  He was with them for many, many years."

We smile and say, "How nice."  

Little does he know....

Skipper cruises along between 5 and 7 knots for a very relaxing ride, and I let my camera take a nap.  In Lake Washington he finds an open area with no traffic to exercise Willie's Tug's engine and increases the RPMs.  She can go pretty fast.

I follow along on the chart to orient myself with the geography of the surrounding communities and see that we go past Kirkland and toward the town of Kenmore.

As we return to our dock, I wave to a fisherman with his cane pole, and get another look at Gryfalcon, the 88 ft. classic boat moored near us.

As our leisurely day comes to a close, we join dock neighbors Len and Karlee on the forward deck of their Molly Bella for cocktails and a nice sunset.

Find Willie's Tug....

Found from the bow of Molly Bella
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Monday, June 16, 2014

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