Friday, June 27, 2014

Sister Ships -- 6/23/2014

Herb gets good news by a text from Bruce and Vicki to say they will join us today at the Washington State Park on Blake Island, across Puget Sound from Seattle.  We are delighted and watch excitedly as each boat leaves our very full marina (and thereby makes a space for MoonShadow).  The park host assures us that our friends can raft to us temporarily until a space opens up, if not available when they arrive.

In the meantime, Dr. Jake C Harleton MD, ferocious watch dog, keeps the raccoons away.  He rarely barks, but when he does, we go immediately to see what terrible thing is going on.  In broad daylight these animals -- actually I see only one at a time -- come either down the ramp from the island or swim and jump up onto the dock, looking for food.

So cute!

We see him climb aboard someone's boat, but Jake instructs him to leave!

I barked!  Did I do good?

And he does.

For a time.

Then here he comes back.  More barking.

Now we hear an engine start and think how lucky can we get that a space opens up right near us.   We keep a watch on AIS to see if MoonShadow is on the way!  The policy for the parks is first come, first served, so we cannot save a space for her.  But she should be here soon.

At this moment the park host comes to ask us to swing around from the tie in the U to take a side tie along the finger pier, so he can accommodate a larger boat that will need more space.  (It is amazing how they juggle, tying and retying boats to make room for the new arrivals.)

Shortly thereafter, SV Blown Away comes in and literally is blown away from the dock.  Herb and the park host go to help catch her lines for a safe tie.  (In the space I wanted for Moon Shadow.)  Not to worry; it will work out, although having our sister ship raft to us for the entire stay is perfectly fine!

Children walking the docks stop to pet Jake, and he is quite accommodating.

We enjoy hearing the birds sing, different notes than we have heard recently, and have to shew them out of the cockpit from time to time, while now and then they fly straight through from one side to the other where the curtains are rolled up.

Bruce shares later they are barn swallows in search of insects.  Yea!  We hope they are successful, and allow them to rest on our bow rail.



I see an insect!

I should fly now!

The moment arrives when MoonShadow calls to say she is near, then cruises into the harbor and temporarily rafts to Willie's Tug.  We also see in the background of the photo  Paraclete, the boat we moved to make room for, now moored in the U.  

Blown Away lets us know they are ready to depart, having come only to have a picnic lunch, so our crew readies to walk MoonShadow back and tie behind us.  Skippers plan how we will take lines loose and hand off to the next person, and it is a smooth operation.  

No photos of that, as the camera person was also helping with the move.

At five o'clock we serve cocktails and snacks on Willie's Tug, followed by Bruce's and Vicki's Fiesta dinner aboard MoonShadow.

Nothing bad ends with "Tini"  (cocktail napkin)
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Monday, June 23, 2014


  1. Very nice, have fun! Cindy

  2. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you to the North.