Monday, June 23, 2014

Cast off from Ballard

Today promises to be a wonderful one, beginning with a visit from Bruce and Vicki, another trip downtown Seattle, and to Elliott Bay Marina, where their R-31 MoonShadow is moored.

We can't wait to see our  beautiful sister ship!

Bruce with Vicki in the Cockpit

They give us a tour and we see how amazing it is that a few changes in decor, amenities and tweaking makes her not a clone of Willie's Tug.   We can't wait to be on the water cruising with her.

After a leisurely lunch at Maggie Bluffs restaurant in the marina, we head back to Stimson, where we hop aboard Willie's Tug for a weekend with Len and Karlee of Molly Bella at their Tyee Yacht Club social on Bainbridge Island.

In minutes we are at the Locks, just grabbing the last space available in the small lock.  The attendant asks Herb, "Skipper, how long is she?"  "36 ft overall."  Then to me:  "Ok, take bollard #16, ma'am."

I have my stern line ready to loop around the bollard, eyes straining to see what number we coast to, so I can grab it quickly.  Hmmm, I think I see #16 on the first bollard -- wow! we are there!   No room for anyone behind us.  I quickly secure the stern line, Herb ties off at the bow and we are set to ride.

As the gates close behind us, we begin our descent to sea level and Puget Sound.

I am always intrigued by the fall of fresh water coming from the inland lake we just left, and think someone should put a thumb in the hole.

What draws my eye to the skyline of the great city of Seattle?  

Could be my love for Seattle!

It has been quiet for several days with no cruise ships or ferries to fear while we were at "O" Dock, but today here they come.  There are several ferries about as we travel and we watch them carefully.  All is well for a moment, then we see the Wenatchee coming across from the port side.  

Herb decides it is best to slow and let her pass well in front of us.  It seems to take an eternity, but she is actually moving quite fast.

At last she slips across.

We are now clear to continue our heading for Tyee Yacht Club outstation at Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island.  Len has warned us of the shallow areas and shoals, and we now see them on the Garmin.  Skipper steers wide of the trouble spots and we have no problem cruising on in to the marina.

Calling on VHF 69, we are directed to a starboard tie near the shore.  It is a tight squeeze, but Willie's Tug slides right in and gets tied up by the helpful members already there.

I must say there are many more ties and unties to make room for new arrivals until late into the evening.  Congratulations to Fleet Captain Bill and members.

Find Willie's Tug
Happy Hour is strung out all along the dock and friends gather to visit and catch up on the happenings. Dr. Jake is welcomed and gets lots of petting.

Len and Karlee grill delicious prime rib burgers for dinner, and the week end has just begun for Tyee's 'Rock and Roll' party.

Karlee and Len
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Friday, June 20, 2014


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  2. Please tell Len and Karlee that Sue Peterson, of Ranger Tug Spinner, said "hi!"

  3. Will do -- hopefully they will see this, as well!

    Thanks for the comment.