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Toba Wildernest has Secrets -- 7/24/2014

We wake to a few raindrops on the hatch in the master berth after what I am told was a windy, blowing storm at Homfray Lodge.  I suppose I slept through it, although I did hear waves slapping the hull, much like when we were at Stimson, Seattle, and large ships would come by as they headed for the locks.  It is not a worry to me.

It is a leisurely morning because our next destination, Toba Wildernest, is only 17 miles away, the rain has slowed to a sprinkle, and we enjoy the day.  Carol's children and grandchildren have a boat at the dock, and several rent cabins on the hill.  There are lots of children here -- all going fishing, swimming, and exploring.

Today one brings back what he calls a king salmon, or Chinook, and displays proudly.  When I ask to photograph it, he says OK but insists I pose with it, also.

The children are busy in the softly falling rain making a fire to heat rocks for the sweat lodge.  Hmmm...I wonder about this.  Could a sweat lodge be a place to cook the fish, but maybe not.  I learn that the heated rocks will go into the tent to warm the children after they swim in the very cold water.  They are having the time of their lives here.

Here is the lovely trail I did not walk in the rain, and now it is time to go.

We are very excited as we anticipate meeting Mike and Chris at Toba Wildernest.  Cruising at 6 to7 knots we search the horizon for where we 'think' the harbour is.  Yes, that little white dot is a large vessel at the dock.

We pass a few waterfalls seen high on the mountain, and as we come closer to Toba's property, water tumbling over large rocks and into the channel delights us. A cozy little cabin tempts me to inquire about the cost of lodging for a night.  What fun to sit on the deck and watch the sunset on the water.

We call the harbour master for our slip assignment and stand off momentarily while a sailboat vacated our space at the dock.  American Pride and OdySea are already here.

Harbour master Kyle tells us of the logging roads and suggests which trails we should take.  Mike and Chris join us for a hike and I put on my trail shoes.  Chris and I are fascinated with the foliage, the moss along the way and all that nature has to offer.

Mike points to the trail sign which shows all the loops we can walk and where we are now, and we agree on which direction to go.  He and Herb cross a very old bridge and tell Chris and me where the underneath log support is for safety.  

Ah, the water!  Winter show melts and tumbles in a hurry down the mountainside to rest in the sea.  The sound is so refreshing to hear and I can imagine how tasty it is.

...and cold.

On our return we find the historic pieces of equipment used by loggers -- and who knows -- aesthetically arranged around the grounds.  Kyle lives here year round with his wife, Andrea, and daughter, Mowen, whom they home-school.  They fish and farm, and I can't resist a photo of the gorgeous blue half pipe forming a raised bed for the vegetable garden.  Berry vines abound and we see a pink one already, with a promise of a great harvest later in the summer.

Our walk today is short; tomorrow we will discover some of Toba Wildernest's secrets.
Happy Hours starts with most everyone on the dock gathering around with appetizers.  Kyle brings a 'table' which is some kind of container he turns upside down.  Fabulous!  We meet Lesley on SV Iris 1, Treavor and Kasandra on SV Emerald Green.  Tom Alkoff on R-31 Endeavor joins us also.

Lesley, Treavor and Kasandra



We all take a closer look at Iris 1 and Emerald Dream.  Lesley worked in the film industry as a set decorator and and named her sailboat after the diaphragm of the camera lens.  

Emerald Dream was named from a trip Treavor and Kasandra took.  Each one of them tells a different story, so we can choose which one is probably more true.... Treavor says they were in the Caribbean on a cruise ship, stopped at an island jewelry shop where Kasandra picked out two tiny emerald earrings.  Being well below the maximum allowed, they said they had nothing to declare as they came home.  Later they had the earrings appraised and learned they were of really good quality, so what they saved was spent on the sailboat.

Kasandra tells it this way:  She actually bought a brooch made of emeralds and diamonds.  They dreamed of emerald seas, so when bought a sailboat, they named her Emerald Dream.

I think one is probably the truth, but I like the other tale!  I won't say which is which.

Just about dusk Kyle builds a fire in his unique firepit, a washing machine tub built atop a lawn mower.  He draws a crowd to the warming fire as the night breeze cools the air.

There is beauty around us with the driftwood on the point, Kyle's fishing boat and the water station across the ramp from the fish cleaning station. 

Which reminds me -- I have a new lily in my flower arrangement and don't know who to thank.  There were originally two lilies, which along with another stem or two, have returned to the earth, but suddenly one day at Gorge Harbour I notice a new lily.  It has lasted quite well, possibly due to the magic it brings to me.  Thank you, someone.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Thursday, July 24, 2014

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