Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Point North -- 7/11/2014

Canada bound!  We will get to visit with Patrick and Gail!

We are so lucky --- there is no wind, the water is like glass, and we cast off at a reasonable 9:30A.

Lucky?   Fishing must still be good, as a small boat drifts toward us with the fisherman aboard unaware.  He is busy fishing and does not hear us call out to him.  I hope he is lucky in his fishing.

Lucky?  We see Kaleetan turning toward us, but (phew!!) she continues to turn behind us and goes into Thatcher Pass between Blakely and Decatur Islands of the San Juan Islands.

Herb has his course plotted on the Garmin, but sees a large commercial ship coming between Lawson Rock and Pointer Island, so decides to follow his track.  This will allow us to avoid the ferry routes.  It is the first time we go this side of the red marker on Lawson.  

Oh, how I love markers.  Yes, they are there for my safety, but also I just love markers!!!  No reason!  The red and black one is marking Blakely Island Shoal.  

Fond memories of the ferry landing on Orcas Island and a fabulous grocery store for provisions.

In Wasp Passage there are two green markers showing the location of Shirt Tail Reef.  We plan not to go between them.  The green marker on the point of land is Cliff Island, with the green marker in the water designating the end of the reef.   We turn to starboard and leave Cliff Island on our port.

This danger signal is on Bird Rock.

What a thrill to see the great expanse of open water and the vessels moving along.  My camera captures the tug and tow going north, with the BC Ferry, Spirit of Victoria, passing port to port going south.

Arriving at Saltspring Island, we cruise on up to Ganges Marina at the north end for a look-see and watch a float plane come in.  This is a busy port with many, many planes coming and going.

Then back south a ways to the Saltspring Sailing Club marina.  Following Patrick's instruction, we tie to the outside of the breakwater to wait for him to show us the slip we will have.  No sooner than we make Willie's Tug secure, we hear a voice saying something about yellow.

Well, yellow is dear to my heart, having had a few years of great cruising aboard, so it is natural that I turn around to see what this yellow is all about.  We are greeted by Don, the volunteer wharfinger for the day.  He explains that Patrick told him to watch for a yellow Ranger Tug from Texas.

Oh, I can just hear Patrick laughing now.  Did we forget to tell him Willie's Tug is gray?

Don says, "What a day!  I'm a new member; this is my first volunteer day and I can't find a yellow boat."  We're laughing with you, Patrick.

Find the gray boat....

Don does a great job directing us to a slip close to the ramp, so Jake can greet and get petted by every passerby going up the hill.  Steve and Tina of American Pride, moored in Ganges Marina, dinghy over to join us and Gail for cocktail hour.  
Let the fun begin!

The Fun Has Begun
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Friday, July 11, 2014

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