Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"Home Again" at Homfray Lodge -- 7/22/2014

After a restful sleep last night in Gorge Harbour, we wake to the strong aroma of ribs getting well done in the slow cooker.  Best to cook while at the dock, not trusting to have calm seas every day while under way.

Skies are partly cloudy, rather than partly sunny, and winds in the harbour are 12 to 15 knots.  I visit the store up on the hill for last minute purchases, then visit with Steve and Tina, who dinghy over from their anchorage of American Pride nearby.  We make plans of where to meet in a couple of days.

We thank the harbour master for a pleasant venue on behalf of the Ranger Tug group and cast off at 10:45A. 

Most have left to scatter to a favorite marina or cove to tuck in and drop a hook for the night.

Ranger Tugs at the Fuel Dock

Skies are mostly sunny now as we approach the cut in the gorge and leave the beautiful Gorge Harbour.

Beauty again is found in the rock walls of the cut.

We have current on the nose, light chop and swells as we head to Sutil Point at the south end of Cortes Island.  A three footer now and then, not bad -- but then a few four footers.  

Woah!  What happened to all that flat calm we experienced all the way from Seattle?

With the chop still heavy, we watch intently for the sailing vessel to begin a tack across us; we will be ready to alter course.

All good;  she stays on course.

Did I mention it is rough?   Rough and bouncy.  Rough and bouncy!  We take on a few splashes over the bow, and the droplets are not seen in the photo because due to RainX, they simply slide on down.  I love a clear windshield.  Skipper alters course for a better ride.

Before long we are inside Hernando Island with fewer waves, protected from the fetch in the Strait of Georgia.  In Baker Passage we turn to port toward Sarah Point at the north end of Malaspina Peninsula.  It is calm enough for lunch now near Mink Island and I am starved!  Just in case -- I serve the ribs in a bowl instead of a plate.

The pointed mountain is on East Redonda Island, which forms the west side of Homfray Channel.

A sea plane lands over to the starboard near Prideaux Haven where there is no dock, but we never see anyone deplane or climb aboard.

When the Garmin tells us we are getting near our destination of Homfray Lodge, 
we begin searching the coastline, as we remember it is at Foster Point, and you must come around the point before it is in view.   There are quite a few guests at the dock and Scott directs us to the port side.  Herb spins around for a bow in starboard tie.

We soon meet the folks aboard the other boats as we take advantage of the bright green and blue Adirondack chairs.   Suzanne (third from left) and Richard bring back a ling cod today and she invites everyone to appetizers at Happy Hour.  Shown are Kent (Windy-I), Bill (Another Bill), Suzanne and Richard (Limelight), Jan (Another Bill) and Dave and Scott of Homfray.

I learn from Jan that she and Bill were in the boat business with Dave Livingston fifty years ago and watched Jeff grow up.  I bet she has some stories....

Scott, Marilee and Gary (Half and Half) and Herb (Willie's Tug).

With Kent is Carol (Windy-I).

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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