Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Three Ranger Tugs and a Cutwater - 6/29/2014

What a gorgeous day for a boat ride!  There is a chance of rain, but it may be isolated or somewhere else in the area, or not at all.  We have windshield wipers. 

Where shall we go?    Let's go to Andrews Bay in Lake Washington and experience the wonders David tells us about.  We could take a picnic lunch --oh, lunch and every other provision we have, will be already on the boat and on the trip with us.  No worries.

As we prepare to cast off, I see millions of tiny insects caught in a spiderweb on the starboard windshield near where I place the bow line.  Herb cleans it away to clear his vision.

We see many more kayaks out these days, evidence that Summer really is here.  Green.  I like green, and this is striking!  (and look at those awesome clouds.)

It is an easy cruise down the ship canal through Lake Union, into Lake Washington, and we turn south to find Andrews Bay.  We are looking straight into the cove, which is halfway down the side of Mercer Island.   Here we have a different view of the city skyline in Seattle.

On this Sunday afternoon there are very few boats anchored close in, and one large vessel, Her Idea, farther out.  Since we will be here only a short time for our picnic, we choose a spot where we have plenty of room simply to drift.

Andrews Bay

Her Idea

How sweet it is to be here with no schedule and relax, while enjoying sandwiches of honey ham on whole wheat bread with fresh strawberries for dessert.

Oooooh NOOOOOO!!!!  The spider appears, looking for her web!  Imagine that!  A spider near where a spider web was!  I will not sleep tonight if that monster is still around!!!

Never fear, Herb removes her.

So now, we should continue our journey before the 20% chance of rain materializes.  Skipper turns Willie's Tug to starboard as we come out of Andrew's Bay and continues south down the side of Mercer Island, around the south point and back up to the north as we head home.

We enjoy seeing the lovely homes and boats along the way, and can recognize a Ranger Tug from a long way off.  

Ranger Tug - Odd Man Rush

Ranger Tug - Striker

I see rain ahead, but that's OK, it will provide the water with necessary nutrients to feed the deep forest green trees and the flowers of red and yellow colors so brilliant they seem to sparkle. 

And, yes, we have windshield wipers.

Oh, here's another Ranger Tug.  Ooops, on second glance it is a Cutwater.  Just a hint of familiarity -- perhaps made by the same company???

After circumventing Mercer Island, we return to Lake Union and Herb suggests we take a spin around South Lake Union.  Sure, I say, as it has been a year or so since we have been there.  A leisurely cruise reveals the Kenmore Air dock and explains the reason we see so many more seaplanes in the lakes area.

Continuing now toward Stimson Marina we see the Fremont Bridge open for a very tall working tugboat.  

Then closes.  If you could zoom in, you see the tall pilings (I will call them), which when deployed, descend into the floor of the sea to anchor while the boat dredges or does whatever its work is.

Fifteen minutes later we approach the Ballard Bridge which opens for the same tugboat.

and as we get closer we see the traffic backed up 'for miles.'  In the past we have been in the line of backed up traffic as we wait to cross the Ballard Bridge.

We are in a very special and beautiful part of our world....

Floating house in Lake Union with fragrant flowers
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, June 29, 2014

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