Thursday, July 31, 2014

Of Rapids and Whirlpools -- 7/27/2014

We have a lazy morning with just a few miles to go from Stuart Island to Blind Channel Resort, which is billed as having cell and internet, a nice restaurant and a store for provisions.

A float plane breaks the silence as it starts the engines, skims across the water and takes to the air.  Then one helicopter after another flies overhead to transport passengers to a lodge on the interior of Stuart Island.

Timing our transit of Guillard and Dent Rapids, we cast off and see several boats coming from Yuculta Rapids to make the others along with us.  At some point they overtake us and breeze on through.

At 10:55A we see a few swirls, but mostly smooth as we go through Guillard Rapids.   Slack at Dent will begin at 11:15; our ETA is 11:10 but we actually start the pass seven minutes early.  

Ah, a Ranger Tug is coming.  When closer, we see Day Dreamer II in Dent Rapids.

Much of the turbulence is from wakes of the ten or more vessels meeting or passing us.  Even at slack there are eddies and whirlpools forming and it takes a bit of concentration and steering to stay in the calmest water.  Congratulations to our skippers!

Cordera Lodge looks like a place we might enjoy at a later date, so take a photo to remind us.

We are now in Cordera Channel with Sonora Island on our port.  It takes us northwest to the confluence of Frederick Arm on the starboard and Nodales Channel on the port.  We continue straight, following Cordero.  Mike finds a place to do a little fishing in a cove near Phillips Arm.

From here we have a short cruise on in to Blind Channel Resort.  The harbour master directs us to the south end, which doesn't look deep enough at first glance.  

We do a side tie and another boat moves back to make room for OdySea.

Chris suggests that after fighting the whirlpools, we all deserve a night off from the galley and makes reservations for dinner at the Cedar Post Inn.  The write-up in Waggoner Cruising Guide says the tables are covered in linen; ours was not, but we paid linen prices for a very good German entre.  We read that the restaurant is a family enterprise, spanning four generations:  Edgar and the late Annemarie Richter bought blind Channel in the 1970s, designed and built all the buildings.  Her lovely artwork decorates the dock and restaurant.  A hand made quilt adorns the wall next to our table.

Below are two views seen from the restaurant.

The Window of the Ladies' Washroom
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, July 27, 2014


  1. Regarding view of ladies' washroom, is this view looking into or of the washroom.

  2. From inside the ladies' washroom, you can look out the window into a lovely jungle!