Monday, July 21, 2014

Let the Fun Continue -- 7/19/2014

On our second day in Comox Harbour I complete the provisioning necessary to last the next few days as we go farther north.  In the snacks aisle I look for some of my favorite brands when I hear someone talking about getting something for  munching along while cruising.   Cruising?  They must be on a boat.

I look around and recognize friends from last year's trip, Vicki of Amy Marie and Betty, who is on Northern Comfort, but had Veritas previously.

Betty and Vicki

At 5:00 p Jeff calls a meeting of captains to discuss tomorrow's cruising plans.  We choose either the 8a departure or a 9a departure to arrive Gorge Harbour just after their 11a checkout time for boats leaving there.  Happy Hour follows with Herb making our cocktails.   As he is shaking his martini we hear a voice passing by the window saying, "Sounds like a martini to me!"  

Seeing Joan of Nit-Sea-Moose, he asks if she would like to have one.  "Yes, but make it a light one."   I think it is light; I should ask her.

Christie tells me I missed a good show; she says Dave plaits his wife, Karen's, braids, and actually did so today for the Messmer twins, Maisy and Gracie.  I cannot ask for a re-enactment, but they agree to pose with Dave to show off his work.


Gracie, Dave, Maisy

Tomorrow I will make a count of all the boats here -- just for the record -- but the Ranger Tug family is expanding so fast, I haven't learn the names of all new owners.  In addition to getting a nice boat, each new owner is presented with a coveted gift.  

A Ranger Tug hat....

Joan's New Hat

Lucky me, I have a vantage view of Mike, Dave and his brother Chris preparing salmon on the grill and are so captivated by the size and beauty of the fish that I fail to record the scene on camera.  Just as I realize my mistake, I jump up for the photo, when they pop a long piece of foil over the fish to contain the steam.

The camera waits until the fish is taken up to serve.

Chef Chris at Work

As the steam clears, I see not only salmon, but BBQ chicken....

....farther down the buffet table are mouth watering Thai salad, macaroni salad and my favorite potato salad.  No one goes hungry tonight.

Dr. Jake is finally allowed out to play.

Dr. Jake with Herb, Chris and Joan

Find lotsa Ranger Tugs....

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, July 19, 2014


  1. Tell everyone howdy for us and sorry to miss the fun this year! Cindy (Celtic Sun)

  2. You are missed! but we know you are having great time. There are 35-ish at Gorge altogether.