Saturday, July 19, 2014

Not so Lonely at Comox -- 7/17/2014

At Schooner Cove we get a prediction of winds 15 to 20 north of Nanimo and the Strait of Georgia.  That could be less than a smooth ride, so should we go?  We will be along the coast, not in the middle of the Strait, and inside some islands -- yes, let's go.

We take advantage of the good price on fuel here, so cruise around to top off.  Gary asks us where we are going and wishes us a safe trip.  We thank him for his hospitality here.  He and Glenn are part of the reason we will visit again on our return.

Riding on 2 ft. seas under mostly sunny skies, nothing in the boat moves out of place.   

When we get past Ballenas Islands into more open water, we see an occasional 3 footer, and the sail boat coming across our starboard seems to enjoy it.

For a short time we experience more wind and the burgee is whipping back and forth so fast and Willie's Tug bouncing so much I cannot frame a photo.  Here is what my camera sees:

We travel now at 14 knots and it is not too rough, but we hear the winds at Sisters Island are 19.  Things calm down once inside Texada.  Ahead we see something colorful and use the binoculars to check it out.  Ah, a rock and lighthouse near the north end of Denman Island.

An interesting sight we pass is a floating marine farm, but I can't find any information on what they are farming and what these people are doing.  

We call Comox Marina for our slip assignment and learn we are the first Ranger Tug to arrive.  They direct us to go all the way to the end of Delta Dock for a starboard side tie.  We have been communicating with OdySea and Driftwood, who plan to arrive tomorrow.  Another group of 25 to 30 Ranger Tugs are expected as well.

Today is Comox's  Third Thursday Farmer's Market, and we hurry into town to find fresh produce.  We choose this father and son booth and are impressed with the boy's salesmanship and knowledge of his products.  He shows us a bag of lettuce, then a bag of more spicy leaves.  Tomatoes are weighed for our total purchase price.

Our first visitor is the crow dining on fish a seagull dropped.  Perhaps they are partners....

Dr. Jake gets petted by a lovely couple who live at Comox and are out for an evening stroll.  Their yellow lab is named Mud Lee.  There is a story behind how she got her name.

The predictable shrimp boat comes in with her daily catch to supply the waiting crowd with fresh prawns for dinner.  A queue quickly forms for the cash sales.

Find the lonely Willie's Tug....

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Thursday, July 17, 2014

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