Thursday, July 31, 2014

Life is Good at Stuart Island BC -- 7/26/2014

To catch Yuculta Rapids at the 11A slack we leave Toba Wildernest promptly at 8A under partly cloudy skies, seeing some bright areas between the darkest clouds to the East.  It will be a good day.   We hope to stay at Stuart Island Community Dock tonight.

I get a nice shot of OdySea as she follows along.

We go into Pryce Channel on rippled seas, but now flat calm as we leave West Redonda Island on our port.

The green marker on our starboard ahead appears mostly white, making it more easily seen from a distance.  

Here is an early peek passing Deer Passage on our port.

An aqua culture is also on our port, the west side of Raza Island, and we think the white house may be the living quarters for the attendants.  Possibly some logging ??   A few logs have drifted onto the beach behind.

It is pretty quiet with few boaters on the water today.  A sailboat on our port appears to be either joy riding or frequently changing her mind on direction, scoping out Frances Bay, then Calm Channel to come along side Willie's Tug.  We watch her carefully.

Yea!  Cell service in Calm Channel!  We call the marina for availability of moorage for the night and are invited to come on in.

As we near Yuculta Rapids we see a white boat go through at 12 knots, 10A, which is an hour before slack.  Our thinking is she wants to make both Guillard Rapids and Dent Rapids in succession.  We opt to stay at (Big Bay) Stuart Island Community Dock overnight for a transit of only two rapids on our way north.

Boat at 12 Knots into Yuculta Rapids

Harbott Point

I love the setting of a house on Harbott Point at south end of  Stuart Island -- especially the winding road back to a main highway.

Turning to starboard, we now transit the Yuculta Rapids and approach Stuart Island Community Dock, formerly known as Big Bay.  June tells us to come on in to the mostly empty marina.

Rapids at Slack


While I elevate my strained knee Herb, Mike and Chris take a walk on a lovely trail behind the marina and return to tell me of the many, many eagles they saw -- both adult and young flying and resting at Eagle Lake.  Herb took one of the provided rowboats to drift around the lake, taking cell phone pictures.  (Photos will come later.)

Later in the afternoon at the captains' meeting I see one perched on a beached log at low tide near our boats. 

A huge barge comes into the bay, slowly turns around, then goes toward Yuculta Rapids.  It is near the afternoon slack.  With my binoculars I see the name, Arora Explorer, and the advertisement of tours.   I am intrigued by all the equipment loaded at the bow end near the ramp, but I see well dressed passengers whom I don't think are crew.   They wave to me (as happy people always do) and I wave back, then get some quick photos.   Touring....

What a tour!

Happy Hour is on the deck of the marina and this afternoon we have it to ourselves.  Well, mostly.  There are hummingbirds flitting about, but the lighting is not good for a photo.  A chattering squirrel in the tree at the corner of the deck drives Chris' dog, Charlie, nuts, but Charlie doesn't climb well.  

It's a good day!

Jake wanders off to get a drink of water, then lie down in the coolness at the edge.  As he shakes himself dry, I am glad he is there and I am here!

After dinner the roving camera takes a walk to capture the magic of the evening.

Goodnight, Jake....

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, July 26, 2014

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