Friday, July 18, 2014

A Fun Day with R-31, Driftwood -- 7/16/2014

Betty Ann and Garry of the Ranger Tug Driftwood pick us up from Schooner Cove Marina for a car trip to show us their town(s) and sights; Jake is invited along, and they have the blanket for him in the back seat.  We know how to do this now, after a ride with David and Maureen.  Herb and I get in first, fasten our seat belts, THEN call Jake to climb in between us.  If we let him in before the seat belts are fastened, we would never be able to get the 74 lb. animal up to find the latches.

Away we go -- first stop is Parksville Community Beach -- in linear measurement it the smaller of two beaches, but with the tide out, it looks like a pretty large beach to me.  I understand the water can recede about 500 meters. 

Our next stop is the park area, where many festivals are held all throughout the year.  It is a large area for exercise activities, children's events, volleyball courts, and more.  Today we visit sandcastles which were sculpted last week, and are given chips to vote in the People's Choice competition.  Theme this year is "A Celebration of Music."

As we enter the area we see a map for pinning the location of our home.   Many from Europe have been here, as well as BC, Northeast US, the states of Washington and California, but no one from Port Isabel TX USA.

I walk around the entire display before choosing my favorite.  Here are some that I like:

Rock Concert

Natures Song


On a Final Note

Playing by Ear

Herb tells Betty Ann about 'Sandy Feet' and 'Amazing Walter,'  two of the famous artists who sculpt at South Padre Island, TX, our home beach, and then he sees it! 

A sculpture that looks very familiar.

Stairway to Heaven

Yes, it really is by 'Amazing Walter,' although the sign just lists him as Walter McDonald from Mexico and South Padre Island TX.

My vote is for "Fly me to the Moon."  I like the art as well as the song.
Fly Me to the Moon

The Sandsculptors Lullaby

We continue our tour to Coombs, a very touristy area with shops for souvenirs, emotional purchases -- one of which is ice cream!

The ice cream shop is located in the Goat on the Roof Market, featuring goats on the roof!!!   Just an added attraction as we savor the flavors of our mid afternoon treat.

People Watching the Goat on the Roof

People Photographing the Goat

Papa Goat

Sitting near us is a little girl with multicolored ice cream.  We ask her what flavor it is and are surprised when she says, "Rainbow."  I wonder what it tastes like.  She suddenly gives her sister in the stroller a quick lick. 

Photo op.

Her mom tries to get her to do it again for the camera, but her attention span is not long and she does not cooperate.  Trying again, we ask if she likes to be photographed.  That did the trick.  The answer is yes and she gives us a great pose as she hands the cone to her sister.

Garry and Betty Ann drive us to their home in French Creek for Happy Hour and Dinner.  I am of course drawn to their back yard garden with beautiful flowers.  The dark purple and lilac clematis catch my eye.  Garry, the gardener, also has tomato plants.  Moving from Edmonton in the province of Alberta, they chose French Creek and the Parksville area for their retirement home because of the mild weather, less rain or snow than anywhere on Vancouver Island.

We are almost through dinner of dungeness crab and grilled salmon, when I remember I should photograph the crab.

During the course of the evening, Garry gives Jake treats and makes a friend for life.  When he isn't sleeping on the deck, he sits by Garry or follows him around.   They don't have a dog, but when they bought their house, they were told by the former owners that they always gave treats to neighborhood dogs walking past.  So Garry and Betty Ann keep dog biscuits to continue the tradition.

Garry also puts a large pail of water in the yard for Jake -- I think he refills it once -- then the Dr. finds the fountain.  Surely the water tastes better here, or maybe it is just the ambiance....      Oh, how we laugh and laugh!

Jake notices the upper bowl of the fountain and thinks it would be more comfortable to drink from it, so he switches from the lower to the upper.  

We laugh some more!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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