Sunday, July 6, 2014

Escape to Bavaria and More -- 7/3/2014

It is my first time to visit the eastern Washington town of Leavenworth, so I learn a little about its history.  First, of course, there were the Native Americans living off the land and rivers, then the fur traders, a railroad and a sawmill, which helped to create a thriving community.  When the railroad pulled out and relocated to another area, the logging industry fell apart, leaving the town almost dead for nearly thirty years.

In the 1960s the leaders of the community decided to change the appearance of the town, hoping to bring tourism.  With the beautiful background of the Alpine hills, they remodeled the hamlet into a Bavarian village.

Today we drive through the town with Maureen and David enroute to Lyman and Janeane's lake cabin, making a stop at the grocery for provisions.  

Before heading to the cabin, we go to Lyman and Janeane's Bavarian Lodge on the main street of Leavenworth and check out the progress on the new addition to their building.  I am lost in Bavaria.

Bavarian Lodge

Herb and David text each other in the hallway.

Piano in the Boyd family for Four Generations

Fireplace Room

A walk about town makes us feel like we are actually in Germany in the state of Bavaria.  

Hotel Edelweiss

Entertainment in the Park of the Square

At the Pub and Grill where we stop for lunch, the waitress brings Jake a fresh water bowl (filling it twice) and a bag of treats.  Herb plays the game of catch the treat from off the nose.  

Our table is near the entrance, so everyone pauses to pet Jake on the way out.  He starts to become the Mayor of the Pub and walks over to visit other guests, but the waitress is quick to catch his leash to retrieve the retriever.

As we walk back to the Bavarian Lodge, we enjoy seeing a few more colorful buildings and murals.

 A short drive from Leavenworth is Lake Wenatchee and the Boyd cabin.  David drives the car into the street side parking area under the evergreen trees, and we load all our luggage and bags of provisions into a gondola that sends them halfway down a very steep hill to the deck.  Maureen and I hitch a ride in it, but the guys walk down the trail with Jake.

Ah, the view!

Boomer welcomes Jake to his paradise and someone throws the stick into the lake for them over and over and over again, until they are so tired fetching they need a nap.  Jake is shown below after he gets a thorough hosing down to get the black mud out of his fur.  He is not allowed in the 'big house' until he is dry.

Beautiful Boomer

Wet, Happy Dawg!

So peaceful, so relaxing with wonderful friends, no schedules, no agendas, great conversation, dinner and wine, -- and a beautiful eastern sky reflecting the sunset after a perfect day.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Thursday, July 3, 2014

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