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In Search of the Secret of Toba Wildernest -- 7/25/2014

At Toba Wildernest some man on the dock suggests a different trail for today.  He says there are logging roads that are wide and go up to the head of a waterfall.  All six of us -- Chris and Mike, Tina and Steve, Herb and myself -- as well as the dogs, Charlie, Cuervo and Dr. Jake -- start our hike, but I forgot to change into my hiking shoes.  I am told by some man in the group that I won't need them.


Cable Used in Logging

The wide logging road may not be narrow, but it sure is steep.  I wonder if I should have changed into my hiking shoes that have serious tread.  I'll continue on. 

Chris points out some pretty white flowers with a bell top and straight stiff stem.  They look a little like mushrooms.

This wide logging road is pretty challenging in many places and I have to stop and rest now and then.  Along the way we realize we are not alone, that a gazillion mosquitoes are buzzing us like crazy.  Tina and Chris turn back to escape.  But ole silly me wants to go to the top on this wide logging road.  Herb hangs back with me and Steve and Mike wait for us now and then.

Hurry up, Willie!

Jake runs ahead, then looks back to wait for us.

Because it is quite cool to me, I wear enough shirts to be comfortable, but as I climb and climb I soon shed my jacket and think about the sweatshirt, also.

The forest is incredibly beautiful; even the slug inching his way along.

Excitement!  We hear the waterfall.  We must be close to the beginning of it now.

Are we near the top yet?  I have a little trouble with my balance on this very steep spot and Steve chooses to take a photo. I lean forward to keep from falling backward.   As I stop to rest I see the sign pointing to "The Viewpoint" and when I look at the even more steepness of the trail-not-road, I really don't want to go on up.

Steve and Mike scout ahead and Steve says, "Willie, you don't want to come up here."  He takes my camera for the incredible photos from the top of the mountain.

Steve gets a great shot of Mike at the viewpoint with Cuervo and Charlie, who have no fear.  The pups will climb anything.

Thank you guys for going to the top.  Did you see the waterfall?  Steve encourages Cuervo to face the camera.

More photos of the view VERY high above Toba Inlet.

Now for the trek downhill.  The group encourages me that it is all downhill now. 

Thank you.  But I find my knee now hurts -- not that one, the other one!

Without my hiking shoes, I am very very careful to make secure footing against an embedded rock, not a loose rock, not slippery decaying bark or leaves.  It is just as hard going down as up.  

Whose idea was this?  Some man.

On the bright side, two men take my hands to help me down this extremely steep road.  Herb on the left and Steve on the right.  Mike is the cameraman.

Dr. Jake thinks he senses something in the ferns, or does he want to find a place to rest.  He may be as tired as I.

The road today takes me back a different way from yesterday and we come upon the hydroelectric plant Kyle has built to supply power to his house and all the rental cabins.  Steve had a tour of it yesterday and shows us how the panels of the building come off to access the equipment inside.

Almost back to the dock we pass this very large tree with a light for walking the road to the hydroelectric plant at night.  I see a cable around it from logging days, but the tree will not be held back.  For years and years it continues to grow around the cable.

When we arrive back to the boats several people come out to greet us and ask how the hike was.  Actually, I will admit I was surprised to find the road as challenging as it was, and laughingly I exclaim, "Years ago a very good friend told me never to trust a man."  But my mother said she would teach me how to tell the ones I could trust. 

Perhaps I have exaggerated a bit on my difficulty, or not, but it was great fun.  I am really enjoying Toba Wildernest.

(Oh, about the secret at Toba -- the secret is where is the waterfall? -- stay tuned!)

Find Willie's Tug....

Safe and Secure at Sea Level
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Friday, July 25, 2014

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