Friday, June 21, 2013

Survival of the Courageous -- Monday, 6/10/2013 -- Day 31

For our morning walk with Jake Herb says, "Let's go a different way today; what about Cap Sante Bluff?"  Sure, I say, I love the trees and flowers along the way and view from the top. 

As we start up the path from Cap Sante marina in Anacortes, he says, "This trail looks interesting."  Never fearing, I follow him and Jake.

I love the narrow trail with its turns and brush along the sides, and glad I wore my best hiking shoes.  It begins to get steep in places, but I simply grab a root or branch and pull myself up.

Wow!  There are places that even Herb is not sure, at first look, which way to go.  What is the real trail?  Did someone try this one, then give up and try a different direction?

We are able to make progress up and up and up.  It does get more difficult for me, and I begin to wonder if this is a good idea.  Too late to turn back, plus  I am not a quitter!!!

I think of Mary Casebeer and the hike we did with her and Casey at Homfray Lodge last Summer.

When we come to some of the areas that we must go down into a gully, I need assistance from Herb to keep me from sliding down -- or at least I think I do.  Holding his hand makes me feel secure.

At each difficult point, I get such a feeling of accomplishment, and the courage to continue forward.

I sure hope we are near the top.

When we get to the top, I realize we are at the TOP -- not the parking lot for viewing that I expected.  Mercy!  Who knew?  Now how do I get down to the paved parking lot?  

Carefully, and with Herb holding my hand.

Made it to the TOP

We make it down to the lower area and I am thankful for my safety and that the climb is ended.  I am also glad I did this walk today -- it is very exciting.  Mary would be proud of me.

Up There

Next time maybe we will take a different trail....

Cap Sante Bluff

Willie of Willie's Tug,
     and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
     Monday, June 10, 2013

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