Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Port Orchard -- Tuesday, 6/4/2013 -- Day 25

More of Gig Harbor --

We continue our sight seeing this morning, and think of Craig and Kathy, who have Salish Rover in a marina here.  We must find her.  Uh, oh, locked gates, but I think we can walk in the next public lot and peak through the boats, using the zoom lens.

Aha!  There's no mistaking that Ranger Tug logo across the dock, exactly in the center of the photo.

Enjoying the beautiful area for just a short time this morning, we get one last look at Willie's Tug here before she is cast off to continue north.

As we begin, it is a gorgeous day, light chop and a pleasant cruise to Port Orchard.   For the past few years at the Ranger Tug Rendezvous in Bremerton, we would hear of friends taking the Foot Ferry to Port Orchard to shop and provision.  So we look forward to our visit.

The adventure begins.

Kaleetan Ferry 

We can see Bremerton from here.

And the Foot Ferry.

 Find Willie's Tug....

Jake enjoys some petting from the Port Orchard Marina staff, and anticipates his treat.

Herb is in the market for a bicycle to take along on the boat, so we visit the local shop.  Wow, are we amazed.  Suffice it to say the owner probably has one of everything here and knows exactly where it is!

Well, all except a folding bike.  so we move on.

There are serious hills here and we love the climbs.  Nice view of Bremerton in the background.

For a perfect end of the day, we choose Amy's by the Bay Restaurant across the street from the marina, for our Anniversary dinner -- a few days late.  We have a delightful waitress, are seated outside on the patio in the warming sun, and the service is excellent.


Willie of Willie's Tug,
     and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
     Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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