Thursday, June 27, 2013

Physician Heal Thyself -- Wednesday, 6/26/2013 -- Day 47

Many do not know Jake's registered name, "Dr. Jake C. Harleton, MD."  (Redundancy intended.)  It's a long story.

Dr. Jake  tries to heal himself, as canines do, but we are not sure what is going on.  His Uncle Ray, whose medical credentials are somewhat better than Dr. Jake's, comments that Jake has a grass seed in his paw and recommends a trip to a doctor who has a certificate on the wall.

So I retrieve the brochure that has a handwritten note, "Free Exam," on the front, which we won at the Bark in the Park last week, and make an appointment with Banfield Pet Hospital in Burlington for this very afternoon.

Meanwhile, Herb and I decide we should have a local bank with an ATM for some 'walking around money,' necessary when merchants or vendors want cash only.  Imagine this:  No one, I repeat, No one in this town will cash a check for us -- either because it is their policy, or because we do not have an account in their bank.  Policy.  We understand.

So it makes sense to open an account.

We see the sign at Washington Federal about 1% interest, and it gets our attention.  Angela welcomes us and before we can get down to business, we discover that she knows where we live -- literally -- in our winter hometown.  Several minutes of animated conversation ensue and we end up Facebook friends.

Herb Showing Pictures to Angela

Somehow Angela manages to get our account open while we are visiting, and we hurry off to the Animal Hospital, located in PetSmart in Burlington.  As we wait to check in, Herb invites Jake to sit and we see a beautiful Husky/Lab waiting to invite Jake to play in puppy fashion.  Quite a tangle of leashes takes place before the Husky is whisked into the exam room.

The display of Thunder Shirts is conveniently placed where we wait, and I finally find one large enough for Jake.  We decide now is a good time to try it out, anticipating the white coat anxiety he will experience.

He knows what is coming and lays his head in Herb's lap, saying, "Daddy, save me from the Vet Lady."

Herb replies, "Jake, this hurts me more than it hurts you."

Jake changes his mood when he sees the veterinarian, Hayley Danson, DVM, who makes instant friends with him -- no Thunder Shirt needed here!

A quick stick and sting and he is all better.  He gives Dr. Danson the best Thank You he knows!

A treat at the counter and a new toy he picks from the PetSmart shelf, and we are on our way.

Does it have a squeaky?

Dr. Jake and Dr. Danson

Willie of Willie's Tug,
     and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
     Wednesday, June 26, 2013


  1. Mollie is afraid of thunder, even when WE can't hear it. we tried a Thunder Shirt...did not work on her.
    Randy Brint

  2. On Friday nights in our marina the Town Crier shoots off a loud cannon at 5PM, so today at 4:55 I put the shirt on him and petted his neck. Brought him into the boat, closed the door. When the cannon shot, he looked around and I petted him again. It was not bad. The Jury is out on this one. The comments I hear from local people (no reviews in ads) is that it does not work. Maybe we did not need the shirt. To be continued....