Friday, June 21, 2013

Different Steps -- Sunday, 6/9/2013 -- Day 30

Herb tells the story that eight and a half years ago he made a contract with Jake when he brought that sweet little furry ball home to live with us, and promised to walk him at least twice a day.

The dinghy hauled by Willie's Tug is named Jake's Ferry.

Over the years we never counted the steps, the blocks down the street, or miles, but it was substantial.  Never boring, always a different time and space.

However, Herb begins to think of adding a bit of bike riding.  We brought our trikes last year, but never seemed to have the opportunity to ride.  So what about a folding bike?  Hmmm....

So a trip to Camping World seems to be on our agenda this afternoon.  There are several of the type he wants displayed on the floor of the store, and he rides around in that department, then sees a straight away near the service desk.  Takes a longer ride.  Yes, this would work.

What color?  The red ones are pretty and would match the truck, but it is not the model he wants, plus it would be stowed on yellow Willie's Tug.  So he opts for the silver one.  

I say get one in a box that no-one has used.

The store personnel would put it together, but it would take too long.  So he finds the one he wants and takes a spin around the parking lot.  What fun!  'They say' you never forget how to ride a bike.

Now to see how Jake likes trotting along on his leash.


Willie of Willie's Tug,
     and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
     Sunday, June 9, 2013


  1. Looking good Herb!!!

  2. Sweet! Tell Herb he can't attach the fitbit to the spokes, just leave it on Jake's collar.


    1. We propose a controlled clinical trial of putting it on Jake and seeing if he gets twice the steps because he has twice the legs that we have.

  3. We like our folders! They were perfect on the Erie Canal, where the terrain was mostly level. Ever notice that most areas around here are UPHILL from the marinas?? ;-)