Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Goldens! -- Monday, 8/5/2013 -- Day 11 of Desolation Sound Cruise -- Day 87

We take one last look at Cassel Falls and Amy Marie, as we leave Teakern Arm. The sailboat has its stern tie looped into a metal ring driven into the rock.  At the far right are some ropes dangling -- are they stern ties cut loose or aids to climbing the steep cliff? 

Departure time is 7:45A in order to make Yuculta Rapids at the 10:10 slack.  It is sunny,  and 65 degrees with a light chop on the water.

We pass a tug with a log boom, which is seen at the shoreline, barely visible to me.  (Maybe I need a more powerful zoom lens.)

Boom at left, tug at far right -- line in between!!!

Working Tug

Log Boom
We go north into Lewis Channel and note the fog nestled in the hills ahead.  As we cross the intersection of Deer Passage on the starboard and Sutil Channel on the port, a bit of chop splashes our windshield, but doesn't last long.  We see whitecaps from wind on the nose.  

As we near the Yuculta Rapids, we formulate Plan A:  call Stuart Island Community Dock to see if there is space at the dock.  Plan B is to go through Hole in the Wall and parts beyond.    Yea!  There is space for all three boats!

Dreamspeaker Cruising Guide warns of a large kelp bed in the center of the bay and we steer clear, but see quite a bit at the dock.  It is not a problem.  Not only do we find the graceful kelp floating near us, but note a sea star below on the rocky floor.


Sea Star

Yuculta Rapids Ahead

Find Willie's Tug....

Find Willie's Tug and Moondance....

The wide dock lends itself to a gathering for lunch with a view of the Yuculta Rapids.  

Jake Finds a Shady Spot
Time for exploring now!  Today's trail is the easiest one we have found this week, but not any less enjoyable.

Shallow Stream in the Forest

 As we return, Jake finds the water bowl, then finds the grass for a good rolling workout!

Oh, this feels so good!

He is delighted to see a 'cousin,' a beautiful Golden Retriever named Saber, who is the resident doggie at the marina store.  They have a good time playing keep away with the stick and wear themselves out.  

After a good swim (which twin is the Jake-ster?) one of them lies down with his blankee -- uh, scratch that -- his stick!

Jake and Saber -- you guess which is which!

Winner of Stick Game Claims his Prize

Jake?  or Saber?

There is so much to do here, so much to see, and many boats come for the fishing.  We still tend to refer to the area as Big Bay, as it was formerly the Big Bay Marina and Resort, but after it failed due to a downturn in fishing industry, it was taken over by the community and revitalized.  Now called Stuart Island Community Dock.

Shown below is a happy lady with her catch of the day!

Rock Fish
I am always thrilled to see a helicopter fly overhead, and today I get my money's worth.  One, two, three, and here comes the fourth one!  What is going on?

Later we are told that Gillard Passage Foundation held an auction last weekend and many people who attended to bid were housed on top of the mountain.  The copters are now flying them across the channel to catch a ferry ride home.  The event benefits salmon enhancement in the area.

Summertime has come.  Most evenings we climb to the Sky Lounge of Last Call for Happy Hour, but today the sun is much too warm, so we opt for the cool shade of the cockpit.

And then the sun goes behind the mountain to give us a peaceful view before a restful sleep.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Monday, August 5, 2013


  1. What wonderful pictures. Stuart Island looks like a place we might enjoy next year. Thanks Wilma as usual. Cindy

  2. I recommend it, and would have enjoyed another day there. The office staff is so friendly, and keeps the area well groomed.

    Saber would play with all dogs. :)