Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Teakern Arm -- Sunday, 8/4/2013 -- Day 10 of Desolation Sound Cruise -- Day 86

Before 7A we release the rafting lines from Willie's Tug and Moondance, retrieve the stern ties, and Patrick weighs anchor for getting our three boats underway.  

As we head to the entrance of Roscoe Bay, we enjoy seeing a few pretty boats anchored along the way.  

We cross the drying shoal at 7:05 under overcast skies and low lying clouds. Ambient  temp is 60 degrees.  The least water any of us sees under our boats is 6.7 feet.  All good!

Now that we are out of the Bay and back into Homfray Channel, we slow our cruise to 5 knots to delay our arrival at Refuge Cove Marina and Grocery, which does not open until 9A.  

Oh!  We hear from Last Call there was a 5.4 earthquake at Port Hardy to the north, but it should not affect us.  We hope no one was injured.

The clouds clear to the south, and we see sun reflected like diamonds on the snow capped mountains as we make our way around the southern tip of West Redonda Island.

It is always fun to provision at Refuge Cove, as they are well stocked every day. Fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat, milk, bread of many kinds, and boating supplies.          ...and wine!

Refuge Cove Store up the Ramp

After refueling, we push off at 11:05, turn to starboard and go north into Lewis Channel between Cortez Island and West Redonda Island.

Upon entering Teakern Arm, we encounter medium chop and rolls from the wind and vessel wakes.

The prize today is Cassel Falls...ah, such beauty!

Herb suggests that Last Call and Moondance cruise in front of the falls for a photo op.

Patrick and Bruce both set anchors as a safety measure because of strong winds from the southeast.  Two stern ties are put into place, as well.  

The Anchor

The Stern Tie

Follow the vertical yellow line to find Patrice on the cliff.

Once settled in, Herb and I take Jake in his Ferry to the dinghy dock at the left of the falls, and are happy to get there safely.  The wind picks up, the chop is greater, and we feel at the mercy of a thoughtless fast dinghy or motor boat throwing a wake at us.  We make it fine!

Medium Chop
From the dock the terrain goes almost straight up for several feet -- and there is no rope to pull on.  Part of the path is a little challenging for me, but I take baby steps and a few side steps to navigate my way among the roots that create a stairway. 

The  picturesque trail takes us along side the falls toward Cassel Lake and by some discarded equipment.  I am reminded of Mr. Conover's rusty truck on Wallace Island last year and the tailgate that chose to give way and drop onto my foot.  I keep my distance from this machinery today.

Scenery at the top of the falls is breathtaking and a bit scary for me as I look down to sea level.

The falls are below, but this is as close as we dare get, so no photo!  We walk well to the side and continue on to the lake.

Cassel Lake

On our return we get a nice shot of Cassel Falls and the higher bluff to the right, which is a level area for campers.  Because the water is deep right up to the rocky shoreline, the brave and adventurous dive or jump for a swim.

Not me!


Still Thinking



There are quite a few boats anchored here today, and Garry and Vicki of Ranger Tug Amy Marie dinghy over to visit at Happy Hour.

Dinner is Herb's shrimp pasta.

The winds have calmed and Patrick takes Gail on a sunset ride.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, August 4, 2013


  1. From Cindy
    Very nice pictures and looks as if you had a lovely time.

  2. We did, and it just gets better, as you know!