Saturday, August 24, 2013

Enjoying Chatterbox Falls -- Saturday, 8/10/2013 -- Still Day 16 of Desolation Sound Cruise -- Day 92

Adrenalin flows, excitement builds, as we have now arrived at Chatterbox Falls.  Check it off the Bucket List.  What would be more perfect is to have a space at the dock for ease of taking Jake to shore and visiting with the many boats who are here.

We are in luck!  We see a spot and cruise slowly up to it to see if we will fit.  Yes!  Suddenly many hands appear to catch our lines and welcome us.  Then quickly we search for space for Circle T.  Rebecca and Doug offer to move their boat back to make room.  We see Rum Tum Tugger approaching and hope she can get a space vacated by another boat leaving for slack at the rapids.

Rebecca and Doug

Johnny and Gena help make room for others.

Teagan and her family are on her grandparents' boat, and she comes to visit us.  We learn much about her, and June shares that she has a granddaughter named Teagan, also.


Chris and Christy, Teagan's Parents

Chris and Jacob

I visit with a group on the sailboat Angelina II we heard calling "Securite" earlier, and learn they are from Munbai (formerly Bombay) India and have come to the United States for a medical meeting.  They are anesthesiologists and orthopedic surgeons, who flew from Chicago to Bellingham to charter the boat.  Someone on the dock is heard to say, "Doctor, you have a big boat; where is your O.R.?"

We can take care of your knee!

Norm on Jolly Mon, caught Willie's Tug's lines as she docked.  Now he takes Shena for a dinghy ride.  Did I mention his dog's name is Buffet?

All turn to watch a float plane take off from its landing space at the dock.

A group of hikers comes down from the Falls, introduces themselves and asks if anyone is leaving tomorrow for Egmont, as they would like a ride. 

 There is no way out except by water.  They are from North Vancouver and have hiked five days from north of Squamish River.

We are amazed!

They add, laughing, that first they would swim in the bay to clean up.

I am told someone agrees to give them a ride.

Tym entertains the children.  Or, more correctly, Teagan and Jacob entertain Tym.

It is time for exploring this wonderful area, so with cameras in hand, we hike up the trail. 

After a beautiful walk, we arrive at the foot of the falls.  You can see and feel the spray which reaches out several feet.

The mountain hikers arrive also and take their swim.

Some of us walk as far as we dare, Jake is braver.

Looking back from the falls toward the entrance of Princess Louisa Inlet.

Jake drinks the fresh, cool water.

Come this way, June.

Tym and a Wet Dog

It is lunch time now and the afternoon turns into evening....

We stop to thank Anne for catching our lines when we docked this morning.  She has a visit from Craig and Mary, whose Rum Tum Tugger is her rafted neighbor. 

Three Families Traveling Together

We hear music at twilight!

Norm on Jolly Mon gets his guitar and entertains the entire dock.  A crowd gathers and most stay up past their bedtimes.

Chatterbox Falls

This is a very special day, meeting so many congenial people, being at this awesome sight, and looking forward to another day here tomorrow!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, August 10 later in the day, 2013


  1. Wow, Willie, your photos are spectacular and tell of a wonderful day in a magical spot!

    Thank you!

    Anne Cox

    1. I agree. It is not only the magical spot of the area, but the people who came together! And you are one of them!