Monday, August 26, 2013

Another Desolation Sound Cruise Comes to a Close -- Thursday, 8/15/2013 -- Day 21 of Desolation Sound Cruise -- Day 97

Under mostly cloudy skies and 60 degrees, we reluctantly leave Chemainous, Vancouver Island BC, at 8:15A.  Helpful neighbors walk our boats out of the slips, and we set a course for Anacortes.

We thread our way between logs on the port and logs on the starboard.  A log boom near shore loses a few strays.  

We go south in Stuart Channel, around the southern tip of Tent Island, then north around Southy Point on Salt Spring Island in Houstoun Passage and into Trincomali Channel.

The Tug

and its Tow

Tent Island

The geese are going south; is there something we need to know about the weather?

4 Second Light Buoy by Wallace Island

The Queen of New Westminster ferry is coming our way, but she can take any of three possible routes.  We watch carefully to be sure we are clear.

The Queen of Cumberland comes next and gives us a fun wake -- that is different from a bad wake, and it seem to go on forever.

I love the markers for hazards, and especially this one warning of the rock in Navy Channel by Mayne Island.

On Channel 16 we hear a Coast Guard warning of fog in the San Juan Islands and wonder if we will have limited visibility up ahead.  It is flat calm near the border at Boundary Pass, and we see the container ship Tsing MA Bridge.

She gives us a big rolling wake and Herb turns to take it smoother.

We sight another vessel, Star Evviva, at our 5 o'clock position in the shipping lanes and turn to cross ahead of her to clear the lanes sooner.  She responds by turning also to give us more room.

Because of light fog, Herb calls Seattle Traffic at Laurence Point on Orcas Island to report our location in Rosario Strait.  Traffic says there is no reported traffic, so we should be fine.  The fog thickens ahead, but remains somewhat thin where we are.


Herb and Tym communicate on VHF 73 and I enjoy hearing them report sightings and intentions.  They work well together.

Herb calls Seattle Traffic again to report staying in touch until we clear Guemes Channel and enter Cap Sante marina.

We have a safe trip on into the Marina and to celebrate, we meet friends at The Brown Lantern for Happy Hour and dinner!  

Now that we are all back in the U. S., Desolation Sound should be less busy and more warm....

June, Nita, Anne, Willie and Tym
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Thursday, August 15, 2013

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