Monday, August 26, 2013

The Awesome Chemainous -- Wednesday, 8/14/2013 -- Day 20 of Desolation Sound Cruise -- Day 96

I remember from last year when we fueled here that Chemainous Municipal Dock is small but I am amazed at how the manager, Harmon Bootsma, nestles boats in. 

When we called for reservations, he said he was getting full, but would move some boats around to make room.  Very accommodating!

We were delighted to see Celtic Sun here when we arrived yesterday, and Harmon puts Willie's Tug on a starboard side tie right behind her bow in port tie slip -- swim platform to swim platform!  Did I mention that Gerry and Cindy have been here a couple of days and plan to leave tomorrow?

Picture this: They are in a corner with Circle T to the starboard and Willie's Tug at the stern, so we will move somewhere to allow them to exit their slip in the morning.

In the photo below, Willie's Tug moves forward and Harmon walks Celtic Sun backward to skinny out.  Cindy watches her boat carefully, as does Tym... but Harmon is a master at this!

So off she goes, but not before Cindy tells me of the wonderful places to shop, sights to see, and the Chemainous Theatre Festival, which is presenting "Singing in the Rain" but is all sold out!

Since we did not get to see all of this wonderful town yesterday, we request to stay another night.  Uh, oh!  Harmon has a large group coming in, but says he can fit us in if we move.  Sure!

So Circle T moves first, cruising a few slips away to a new home for the night.  

Then a slip comes open for Willie's Tug.

Find Willie's Tug....

I begin my exploration of the community with a walk through Wheelhouse Park and hear music coming from the stage.  The young man plays several instruments.

We meet Ruth, whom Jake takes a liking to and puts his nose in the hand basket she is carrying.  I comment that he must be looking for a treat, and to my surprise, she reaches in the basket and gets one for him.  Noses don't lie!

She has lived here many, many years and tells us a little of the history of the town, especially the murals.  She says all are of real people of Chemainous and depict something of  interest in their lives, but are painted by different artists from many places.

One in particular is special to her, "The Hermit."   She recalls that he had a problem with substance abuse and came here to live a quiet life.  He is shown here walking the "Hermit Trail" that he built in the forest.

I think I have a photograph of every mural in Chemainous...and many flowers...and scenes....

The Japanese have quite a presence here.

Yellow footsteps painted on the sidewalk direct us to tourist attractions.

We are delighted to find St. Michael and All Angels Anglican Church.

I find the store where Cindy tells me the best ice cream is, (and special shopping), and visit the park that appeals to children and adults alike.  I am one of those.

Just so I don't miss anything, I walk about the Old Town section and find quite a hill to climb.  And some blackberries beginning to ripen.

We walk now to the 49th Parallel Grocery for a few items to sustain us for another day.  And to be sure we have what we need for Happy Hour!

We will visit here again!
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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