Saturday, August 24, 2013

(Getting to) Chatterbox Falls -- Saturday, 8/10/2013 -- Day 16 of Desolation Sound Cruise -- Day 92

At 8:15A we push away from the dock at Fisherman's Resort and Marina for a 2:15P arrival at slack to Malibu Rapids on the way to Chatterbox Falls in Princess Louisa Inlet.  We have a smooth getaway, even though we are sandwiched on a side tie with a narrow fairway to exit.  I see big eyes from one skipper as he watches Herb glide by.  Nice job, Capt!

Soon we are in Agamemnon Channel and we hear from Tym (one airplane pilot to another):  "There are major electrical wires ahead; shall we go over or under them?"  Herb's reply, "I'll take the adventurous route -- a low pass underneath."

Electrical Wires

Low Pass

Agamemnon Private Marina --

Photos shared by Tym show June driving while he captures their wake --

Four sets of eyes watch for hazards in the water, and here is one clearly marked with a red stick -- a deadhead -- who knows what lurks under the surface?  We go very wide!

Once in the Prince of Wales Reach, we play leap frog with Circle T to get photos of each other in this awesome scenery.

Photo Courtesy of Celtic Sun,  Malibu Rapids

We read in the travel guides about pictographs on the north wall in Princess Royal Reach, which is the next inlet toward Princess Louisa, and we slow to search diligently.  Yea!  We think this must be it, according to the lat-longitude given.

It looks like a lot of salmon, so does it say the fishing is good here?  Herb jokes that it says "Only paddle your canoe through rapids at slack."  Or maybe, "Chart wrong, slack 30 minutes later."

We meet a fast tour boat who has gone through Malibu Rapids at non-slack (for the thrill?) to take passengers for a view of Chatterbox Falls.  On their return, they give us a big wake!

We begin to see quite a bit of snow -- yes, this is Summertime.

As we approach the rapids, we stand off to listen for oncoming traffic.  We hear someone call securite and identify as an 84 ft sailing vessel outbound.  We see her emerge as she again calls on VHF 16 to warn about a log in the hole of the rapids, meaning in the center.

Young people from the Christian Youth Lodge at the head of the Malibu Rapids watch as boats come and go.  Gerry and Cindy of Celtic Sun got there early, tied up, and went in for a tour and free ice cream!  What hospitality!

When the last boat comes outbound, Herb calls "Securite, securite, securite.  We are two 30 foot power boats entering Malibu Rapids inbound.  Any opposing traffic please advise on Channel 16."   We have no response, so proceed.

Find the entrance to the rapids....

Oops!  What have we here?  An outbound boat with no radio?  Herb puts the brakes on and we come to a screeching halt to let this fast one get by. I see quite a few people on board and think it may be a tour boat seeking thrills.  

We are glad we are not part of their action and when the wake calms down, we again begin making our way into the rapids. 

Sign at the lodge.

Circle T in Malibu Rapids

As we clear the rapids and look back at the lodge, we see Celtic Sun leaving the dock with ice cream.  She is a beautiful red, but the sun does not let me capture that color today.

Seems this is a popular place to water ski.

and fall.

Arriving, and hoping for space at the dock. 

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, August 10, 2013


  1. Great pictures, it is a beautiful trip up there and thanks for the picture of Celtic Sun! Cindy

  2. We were so excited to see a Ranger Tug, then especially to see it is you! Just wish we had taken the time to read more thoroughly and learn we could go early for the tour and ice cream. :)

  3. Next Time! Cindy