Thursday, August 22, 2013

A bit of Indian History -- Tuesday, 8/6/2013 -- Day l2 of Desolation Sound Cruise -- Day 88

We move our boats out to the end of the dock for an easy departure from Stuart Island Community Dock.  While having a second cup of coffee this morning, we hear a loud thump which sounds like Jake allowing himself to drop his dead weight to the floor.  But that didn't happen!

Vicki looks out to see a sea lion dive to catch fish for his breakfast.  One time, and one time only.  My camera is not quick enough to get it.

We leave around 11A and the rapids at slack are a non-event.  We get some really good views of snow capped mountains near the intersection of Calm Channel and Raza Passage. 

 Around the north side of Raza Island and east into Pryce Channel, then toward the north entrance of Waddington Channel to Walsh Cove Marine Park.

Yuculta Rapids

Last Call goes into the channel first and radios, "Stay to the right of Dean Rock as you enter."  Then almost immediately he says, "It is spectacular in here!" 

 I can't wait to see it, as what could be more beautiful than what we have been seeing.  

Altering Course to Leave Dean Rock to Port

So Beautiful!

As Patrick sets anchor and runs the stern ties, we hear Lisa and Jim on Kismet calling on VHF 73 from across the cove.  It is great to unexpectedly find friends, and hope to visit tonight.

Kismet, red Ranger Tug

Jake, Herb and I hop into the dinghy in search of a beach, but find a relatively flat rock for access to grass.  From here we look back to see Willie's Last Dance looking very small at the background of the photo.

The dinghy line is hooked around a rock, so it should be fine when we return from our walk.  

Incredible scenery here with the rock formations.  Herb and Jake climb higher and higher.

Jake and Herb

Back in the dinghy which was faithfully waiting for us, we go in search of Indian petroglyphs at Butler Point.  We look and look, and become aware of a lady rowing nearby.  She has found them, and directs our eyes where to look.

Ah!  There they are! What we see are drawings of salmon and tee-pees with some other stick figures, which may represent people.   I take several photos so I can more easily find them next year if we come this way.

A Lone Salmon Jumping (out of the way of a bear?)

Found in the Opening near the Water

Satisfied with our accomplishment, we tour around the cove and visit with Carl Neu,  the owner of Zest, a wooden boat built in 1964 and designed by Bill Garden.   Mr. Neu of Seattle has owned this beauty for 23 years.

His companions have gone fishing, and he comments their fishing is good, but so far their catching has not been so good!

Zest and Carl Neu

My friends have their swim and I decide to brave the frigid temperatures and take a dip.  I get wet up to my ankles and call it swimming!  My excuse is the slippery rocks, but I proudly point to where I swam.

Back There Behind Me

We are in the afternoon shade, so cocktails are served in the Sky Lounge once again.  Life is very good....

Patrick, Willie and Herb

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday, August 6, 2013


  1. Willie, I look forward to your blogs each day, and am never disappointed. Your photos are stories are so enjoyable and I am continuing to add places I hope to visit one day.

    Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to do this :-)


    1. Thank you for reading, Anne, and I know you will go to all these places eventually!

  2. Great Name for a Cove! Cindy and Gerry "WALSH"

    1. I guess we need to research the origin of the name, and find out which of your ancestors carved the petroglyphs! Great name and great anchorage!