Thursday, August 22, 2013

Orcas! -- Wednesday, 8/7/2013 -- Day 13 of Desolation Sound Cruise -- Day 89

I think Patrick and Gail are trying to adopt Jake, as every evening he is invited into their cockpit and/or cabin to visit.  This morning when we wake in Walsh Cove, we look out our door to the cockpit and do not find Jake.  He is not on his bed.  Oh, my!  Did he jump overboard in the night?

Quick! Quick!  We search for him, but don't have to go far, as he is quite comfortable in Last Call's cockpit.  Did he sleep there all night, or was he enticed this morning when coffee is served?

Gail thinks he is actually on a covert mission, but she is not sure what it could be....

I feel at Home Here

Because of the high mountains, it is 8:30A before the sun appears and gives solar to increase the volts on the house batteries.  We watch this carefully.  

Creative minds are at work again, and Patrick suggests that our route should be "The West Coast Great Loop."  All agree!

It is a lazy day for us, while we enjoy the peace and quiet, until someone yells, "Whales!"

We scramble fast and barely get a camera ready, just satisfied to watch them and enjoy the moments.  They swim in Waddington Channel and suddenly we see a motor vessel cruise north and meet them.

The lucky boat becomes very still.


 We are tucked back into the cove, with the orcas swimming down the channel.  It is very heartwarming to see a motor vessel STOP to allow the whales to safely and freely come and go.  It is illegal to be close to them, and we are happy that we can see them from afar. 
Power Boat Never Moves

What a sight and a thrill it must be for the passengers aboard the boat in the channel to view them at close range, due to no fault of their own.  We watch as the orcas blow to exhale air, and swim back and forth as if to entertain us.  

At Happy Hour I ask everyone what the highlight of their trip has been so far.  My answer is the whales.





Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday, August 7. 2013

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