Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bumpy, Bumpy Strait of Georgia! -- Tuesday, 8/13/2013 -- Day 19 of Desolation Sound Cruise -- Day 95

Skippers check the WX for crossing the Strait of Georgia with a destination of Chemainous and learn it is good, winds 5 to 15, and Whiskey Golf is active. (Waggoner's Guide:  "WG....a deep water range operated by the Canadian and U. S. Navies, and is used to test unarmed torpedoes....)

As much as we love Lady Smith Maritime Marina, we choose Chemainous for never having been there.  We plan an 8 o'clock start, but when Tym reads to June about all the shops, she wants to leave at 7A to give more time for shopping!  

The weather does look good from here at Fisherman's.

So, with one eye open and a second cup of coffee, we depart.  It is partly sunny, seas rippled, but turn to a light chop.  There are a few logs along the way and I think we scare this one into flight.

We pass Secret Cove and the southern tip of Texada Island,  then go through Welcome Passage. 

We have a smooth ride for a time until a large motor vessel gives us a mean wake with a 6 - 8 foot trough.  We make it OK, then begin to see clouds with a sunny spot here and there.  

With a long way to go, I get my turn at the helm.

Rounding the corner of Whiskey Golf we see on AIS the military vessel Battle Point in mid WG, and assume she is involved in the submarine torpedo exercise. 

The seas are not too bad for most of the trip crossing the Strait to Vancouver Island, but suddenly it is like "April Fool" on the weather and we get some really bad bumps!  Really bad!

OK, a few bounces are to be expected sometimes, but this seems to go on and on and on -- to the point that June and I are not happy.  We are not happy.

Skippers alter course a bit to get us to land more quickly and to the north of Chemainous.  Seas calm down now to swells, which we don't mind.  Soon it is flat calm and we are glad to be at our port.

Shortly after we get our slip assignment and secure the boats, a BC Ferry comes in to my delight, as I just love to watch them glide in and dock.  I forget all about the rough crossing!

Willie's Tug Splashes Herself!

 Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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