Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mystical -- Sunday, 8/112013 -- Day 17 of Desolation Sound Cruise -- Day 93

The sky is blue but clouds greet us this morning, and we hear a WX prediction of 60% chance of precipitation.  Hmmmm....

It still is a nice morning for coffee outside on the dock.

Flying Tigers Cup

Tym and June take a kayak ride after breakfast, and he takes her to a small waterfall on the west bank.  The gentle purr is nothing like the roar of Chatterbox.

Boats here do not have to be stern tied, as the force of the water coming from the falls keeps them pointed forward.

Many boats leave at 8:25A for the early slack at Malibu Rapids, and Rum Tum Tugger gets a space at the dock.  

Oh, my!  What is that I hear?  Thunder???    Thunder is for Texas!  We quickly get Jake's Thunder Shirt for him, but hope the black cloud to the right is the 60% blowing away to the west.

Not so, as the 40% behind it is wet!  As in downpour!

Johnny and Gena choose this moment to leave, and cruise by to say Goodbye.  We hope they have a safe trip.  It has been so wonderful to visit with them.

Where are June and Tym?  Who knew it would rain?  June has never paddled so fast in all her life.  Luckily, she has her hat....

We grab our brand new  yellow -- never-worn-in-the-rain coats to grab their kayak when they come in.  Then take a photo with Anne, who is wearing the same color shirt!

While it rains, we have lunch with June and Tym, and discuss many things that we have in common.  One poignant memory is that we were all in Europe on Nine Eleven and share stories of how the Europeans were so kind and sympathetic to us about what happened to our country.  For Herb and me on our motorcycle trip in the Alps, a lady on a mountain pass who could not speak English, gestured and said, "Boom, boom."  One of the members of our party asks Herb to pray at dinner.

Tym says when they were in Italy a special memorial service was held at the Cathedral with many Roman Catholic Bishops participating. 

The rain stops in late afternoon!

I have never had an interest in kayaking.

But today....I become athletic enough to get into Tym's and he takes me to the foot of the waterfall.  He tells me the advantage of his is that it can run up onto the rocks and 'beach' itself.  Looks like a good thing to me.

We go between the rocks, then onto the rocks for a close look at the falls.  

We pause and no one speaks.  It is mystical, it is spiritual.

Chatterbox Falls....

Tym and Willie watching the water cascade before them.
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, August 11, 2013


  1. What a treat! Love thunder and lightening but rarely get it here. Cindy

  2. I love thunder only if I am snug as a bug in a rug!

  3. So wonderful to read your story and see the pictures!! What an adventure.....the day of thunder and rain was the day we crossed the strait to go home!!! I will share that tale with you next weekend!! <3

  4. Thinking of you so much these last few days... and can't wait to see and hug you!!!

    I look forward to hearing about your crossing. Ours was horrible!

    Is it too late to 'order' some pepper jelly -- 3? If too late, it is OK maybe we can go back to SSI.

    1. I was at the market yesterday and she was not there.....I will check other places and let you know!

    2. I was at the market yesterday and she was not there.....I will check other places and let you know!

    3. Not a problem, we can always come back. :)

  5. Very nice. Princess Louisa Inlet is a very special place!

    1. Agreed, and hard to put feelings into words.