Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Harbor -- Tuesday - Wednesday, 8/20-28/2013 -- Days 102 - 110

Looking at the marine weather forecast, we choose today to start toward our ultimate weekend destination of Victoria BC, by stopping a couple of days in Friday Harbor.

With Circle T behind us, we cast off at 10A, 69 degrees and sunny (finally after two days of rain and one of horrible winds -- but we went for frozen yogurt anyway!)  Cruising out through Guemes Channel, we watch carefully to see that the Guemes Ferry is on the move and Herb turns to starboard to take us off a collision course. 

Guemes Ferry

A sailboat going slower goes astern as well.  

Seas are rippled, then flat calm, and skies become only partly sunny, but as we go by the east side of Blakely Island, we enter some light fog, which soon becomes quite dense.

About all I can see is the new burgee from Sinclair Inlet Yacht Club.

Herb acquires two oncoming targets on radar before gradually beginning to see them.  For a few minutes all we can see of the sailboat is her mast.  We are very glad no fast boats go by during these conditions.  

The Washington State Ferry, Elwha, overtakes us and appears as a 'ghost ship' through the now thinning fog.

By the time we get to Friday Harbor, the sun is burning the fog away, and we can clearly see the beautiful Spike Africa.

With our slips being available, we quickly dock and are delighted that Jim and Lisa Favors of Kismet are our next door neighbors on G-Dock.  As I walk about the town of Friday Harbor, I meet Jim Bathurst, who reminds me of the directions to the locals' grocery store, so June and I go shopping.  The sun is shining brightly and it is too warm for a jacket -- even for me -- as we climb the hill in search of last minute provisions.

A member of the American Legion, Tym invites us to the Hall for Happy Hour. We climb the stairs on the hillside for what seems like forever to get there, but it is worth it.   Sitting on the deck outside, we have an amazing view down to the marina.

And another view!

Find Willie's Tug....

Lisa Photographs June, Tym, Jim, Herb and Willie

Tym gives us a tour of the Hall, first letting us try our hand at shuffleboard.  One of us is good, another needs practice -- all have fun!

Good Shot, Lisa!

In the museum we see photos of military servicemen and remember those we know who served or are serving now.  Herb points to a uniform he once wore, Dress Blues.  

Marine Dress Blues

You can't beat Herb's Tavern for a good meal, and our Herb jokes with the waiter that since it is named for him and opened in the year he was born, that should be worth 'something.'  The waiter is quick to laugh and say, "Congratulations!"

No Free Lunch!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday - Wednesday, August 20-28, 2013

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