Sunday, August 18, 2013

Willie Swims -- Friday 8/2/2013 -- Day 8 of Desolation Sound Cruise -- Day 84

Waking in Roscoe Bay this morning to flat calm and the silence, I gaze at the lovely rock formation which yields a beach below it at low tide.  Will someone climb this cliff today?  It looks challenging to me.


Herb finds oysters on the beach, but leaves them.

We read about a fresh water lake that is warm enough for a swim , so we put on our swimsuits (Jake is wearing his) and dinghy to the west end beach where we tie off to a rock and begin our hike in search of Black Lake.  

Jake is happy to be off leash for a while as he leads us down the trail. Now and then he stops to make sure we are still following him.   I am captivated by the lush scenery, mossy rocks and limbs, and nature taking its course.

Y'all OK back there?

A mostly dry stream bed follows our path, and the small amount of water we see flows in a narrow path.  If you look closely below , you can see a six inch rusty spike driven into the right side of the post in the foreground, about two feet from the ground.  It almost blends in with the horizontal darker of the two logs. 

A structure of some kind was here at one time -- how many years ago, what was it, what happened to it?

A short walk brings us to Black Lake and before me is a sloping rock which looks slippery, but I see a sturdy rope tied off to a bush that I can hold onto as I carefully step down to the water. 

How thoughtful of someone to leave it for others to use, as it will be very helpful to pull myself back up!

Unlike my friends Gail, Patrick, Bruce and Vicki, I do NOT dive or jump into the water, which they say is refreshing.  I test the temperature with my toes and it is cold.  And probably refreshing!  

OK, I'm still sitting here!  For me, this is enough swimming, and I can watch Jake drink cool, fresh water.

And enjoy the beauty of the forrested hilltop.

Back down the trail to the camping area where several families have pitched their tents, we take the dinghy back to Willie's Tug, and look forward to a nap.  

Later in the afternoon we see Anne on Cascadia along with Paolo and Mary on Cutwater Sybil Jean; they anchor out across the Bay from Willie's Last Dance.  

While Paolo brings the doggies to shore, Mary prefers her own space in the kayak.  One Ridgeback stands up ready to jump or swim, but the other is nestled in the corner not quite awake from the nap.

What we did not see last year, but seem to be prolific now are non-poisonous jellyfish swimming around our boats.  I am fascinated by them -- hundreds of them -- of sizes up to what appears to be eight inches in diameter.  They are colorless, or perhaps white on clear.  I think they are in the class called moon.

People swim among them with no problem.  I stay in the boat and spend quite a bit of time trying to get a usable photo.

This is as usable I as can get without the underwater camera, but find me and I will show you a better resolution.

Can you see the white ring with a more solid nucleus?

From the gunwale of Willie's Tug, it is another six inch step up to Last Call, but Jake will not be deterred, and readily 'comes' when called by Patrick to join us at the Skippers' Meeting.  Gail has one rule:  dogs are welcome inside her cabin, but only dry dogs.  At this point, Jake qualifies.

Jake's vote is only used to break a tie!

Skippers propose we stay another day tucked back in this peaceful cove, and all agree.  Happy Hour is followed by dinner of Gail's pork loin and Herb's stewed greens with caramelized onion -- and a nice bottle of wine.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake,
   Friday, August 2, 2013

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