Tuesday, August 5, 2014

There are Bears in The Broughtons (Shawl Marina) -- 8/2/2014

We begin to notice a weather pattern of clouds and fog every morning, quite cool, but by noon the sun pops out heating up the day.  I change from winter clothes to summer clothes.

This morning is no different.  Herb takes Dr. Jake to shore for his exercise while I get the boat ready for travel.  Upon his return he begins to pull in the stern tie when he notices something move under the limbs near the line.

Do you see the black bear?

Just to the left of center, under the horizontal log.  Cute little thing, but scary that Herb and Jake were just there on their walk.  I grab the camera and zoom to see better.  Sure looks like a bear, but when I get the more powerful binoculars, it becomes certain that the root of the fallen tree plays tricks on us.


We have a good laugh and at 11:18A we cruise merrily on our way to Shawl Marina, turning to port into Penphrase Passage.  The Broughton Island is on our port and Wishart Peninsula on our starboard.  Seas are rippled.

As we get near we call on 66A for availability.  Yes, they have room, Rob says and he comes out to grab our lines.  OdySea is not far behind and we help her tie up, also.

Our assignment is right in front of the Happy Hour tent; how convenient is that!

As we meet other guests, I hear Herb say Jim and Joan, but I know they are in Friday Harbor and cannot possibly be here.  He introduces me to Nancy and Larry, who formerly owned a C-Dory and knew the Bathursts then.

Nancy and Larry

Nancy and Larry's Current Boat

In reviewing the travel guides, we learn that in the Broughtons it is customary for guests to come together for Happy Hour.  It's what you do! 

We very much enjoy meeting folks from all over the country (countries) and shown below are Terry and Tom Easterbrook on S/V Bare Necessities.  Terry is describing firing porcelain pottery.

Rita and Den Frewer on S/V Aquila II.  Den gives me a lesson in sailboat masts.

The marina owners, Loren and Shawn with their staff.  I especially like the Fort Worth TX burgee with the steer.

Rob's wife holds their new baby as she watches son Archer play in the kiddie pool.  The water is cold, but he doesn't care as he fills the pool and drinks from the hose.   When I ask him to face the camera he is so excited and does a little dance for me.


Trees, rock, maps -- and I love flowers, too.  The marina flies the flags of Canada, BC, and United States of America.

The Crab Feast we have been Waiting for -- with Shawn's fresh baked bread.
 Willie of Willie's Tug,
    and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
    Saturday, August 2, 2014

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