Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hospitality at Fanny Bay -- 8/16/2014

On our day to leave Campbell River we assess our supplies and decide we should get more dog food for Dr. Jake.  Herb hikes very early in the morning, but finds the stores are not open until 8A.  Upon his return at 8A a man on the boat next to us invites him to ride in his truck back to the store for the purchase.  That saves us a lot of time and we are only an hour late leaving.

Our plan is to leave with a push on flood to Kuhusan Point, where the tide changes and gives us a push on for the rest of our cruise.   

As we move out of the harbour we see a commercial fishing boat already at the dock unloading his morning catch.  A local named Don has a sign by his boat near the ramp to shore advertising fresh sockeye for sale.

Rowing Lesson

Entrance to Fisherman's Marina

The first thing seen as you approach Fisherman's Marina is a very long dock protected by guard rails, where people can fish near land.

We turn into the southern end of Discovery Channel and enjoy the sun reflected as sparkles in the chop.   Just at the end of Quadra Island we run through tide rips.

I never tire of seeing the large ships and this one heads up the channel toward the Inside Passage to Alaska.

We get an eMail from Mike and Peggy of R-25 Daria, who invite us to moor at their Yacht Club at Deep Bay and come to dinner at their home.  Yes, of course! She also invites me to bring my laundry to do in her home.  Yes, of course!  

If a Yacht Club reciprocal is available, we must fly our Sinclair Inlet YC burgee, to receive the moorage.  I take the helm while Herb goes out to change the burgees.

We cruise into Sutil Channel before getting back into the Strait of Georgia and love the conditions -- wind from the north at 2, gusting to 4.  Wow!  At Comox we cross the bar, rounding the yellow markers.

We notice a 60 foot pleasure craft, Akeeva, following us as we approach the bar and appreciate that she slows to our speed and does not attempt to overtake and wake us.  She must draft 6 or 7 feet and proceeds cautiously.

"We" are the red arrow pointing at the bar.

Today with binoculars is the first time to see the range markers' flashing lights for directing across the bar, and it is the first time we have come this direction.  Lights are usually only visible at night.

We are now in Baynes Sound with Vancouver Island on our starboard and Denman Island on our port.  We get a look at Quintsana Ferry which is going from Denman to Buckly Bay on Vancouver.  Seas are one foot or less.  Good, easy cruising today.

Mike and Peggy see us pass their home on the shore of Fanny Bay and head to Deep Bay Marina to catch our lines.  We arrive in plenty of time to have a nice visit before dinner.  

Jake get doggie treats and finds toys left by their adopted police dog, who has gone to Puppy Heaven.

Mike has a secret marinade for the salmon.

During the evening Peggy and I discover we have many things in common, one being our work background, but the two seen here are the fish platter and Wolf stove.  I feel right at home.

Jake gets to roll in the grass and we all enjoy the view of Fanny Bay.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Saturday, August 16, 2014

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