Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Salmon Bake at Laura Bay BC -- 8/1/2014

We wake very early this foggy morning in anticipation of a new destination -- Laura Bay BC.  Checking out of Pierre's Echo Bay is like waiting for sticker shock, as Tove runs a tab on your ledger sheet, and I grab one more item from the store convinced I will need it sometime in the future.

Well, it wasn't too bad for two days' moorage and two nights of dinners in the dining hall.  We had WiFi now and then and a promise of cell service if the antenna broadcasts our way -- on the dock, in the store, or out front.  They even have a signal booster to lay the phone on, but no luck for me.  Boo!

Seas are flat calm, skies are sunny, and the birds are anxiously awaiting their next meal as we cruise out of the harbour at 12 noon.  A small fast speed boat dashes by our port side and the birds know it has stirred up the fish below the surface of the water.  They scatter to dive for lunch.

We pass the home of Yvonne Masimchuk and I can't wait to begin reading her Drawn to Sea, purchased at Billy Proctor's Museum.

At Laura Bay it looks like the arm on the port side would be so very cozy, but Waggoners' warns about the rocks, and suggests a lookout person be on the bow or dinghy in to locate the hazards.  We can definitely see why as we point our nose in.

We don't even try in this shallow area, but glide over to another protected area where we anchor in sandy gravel.   Herb takes the stern line out in Jake's Ferry and loops around some trees to keep us in place.  OdySea comes in, anchors and rafts up, after which Mike takes his stern line on shore.

He then rows out to a spot off the bow to drop his crab pot, using left over salmon for bait.  We all spend the rest of the day viewing our beautiful scenery of the wooded cove and relaxing as we read and plan tomorrow's journey.  

Mike shows us a beautiful salmon he caught today while fishing on his cruise here.  It is dinner for us tonight.  I find the right size pan and Herb seasons and bakes it to perfection.  

Yum, Yum!

At late afternoon Charlie tells Mike it is time for him to go ashore, and Jake thinks all dinghys are for him.  He is invited to join them.

One more check of the crab pot shows success!  This will be tomorrow's lunch.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Friday, August 1, 2014

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