Wednesday, August 6, 2014

From Desolate to Deserted (Greenway Sound Resort) -- 8/3/2014

At first light -- oh, the light is fog and overcast skies -- we wake for a steaming cup of coffee made in the aluminum camp pot that must be a gazillion years old. It could tell some stories about our motorcycle days, as it perks on the propane stove of Willie' Tug.  Our spirits are not dampened though, as we anticipate what comes next.

A nice plus for being at Shawl Bay Marina is the 'all you can fit in' pancake breakfast from 8 - 9A, hosted by the marina owners.  As I walk up to the Happy Hour Tent Herb reminds me there is no steep ramp to climb.  My knee thanks you!  The reason is this marina, as is Pierre's Echo Bay, is located on a floating dock -- not land.  Yes the land is steep, sheer cliffs with trails to walk, but having the facility on level 'ground' (water) is very convenient.

Loren invites me into the kitchen to watch his cooking skill, and I can't pass this lovely rose on the walkway.  Someone enjoys gardening and does a good job.  I can attest to the fact that Shawn is a fabulous baker, after having the fresh loaf yesterday, and I see only one loaf is available in the reception area of the office today.

And sticky buns on the lower shelf!

Hot Pancakes Waiting to Melt the Butter

The breakfast affords us the opportunity to visit more with the guests we met yesterday, and Archer's mom, who is visiting the family, tells me if she lived here she would home school him because there is no school on the island or nearby islands.

We wave goodbye as Loren helps to release the lines and we hope to see all again.  

Rita and Den

Destination today is Greenway Sound Resort/Closed.  Yes, closed, and Waggoner guide warns about visiting at your own risk.  Well, we just have to try it out, so plan to cruise by and take a look.  

We point westerly into Penphrase Passage and cruise past the confluence of Kingcome Inlet in flat calm waters.  We see more dolphins, but they are too far toward the shore to capture with the camera.

How excited I am to hear on VHF 72 a familiar voice speaking with Mike, who is ahead of us.  Wow!  It is Capt. Mac LaMay with Linda on Passage Weaver, his new R-27.  He tells they were as far north as Shearwater and Bella Bella, when the Webasto heater failed, and freezingly they turned around for a different latitude.  Mike jokingly comments that the situation caused a different attitude, also.  Right!

Shearwater is located north of Calvert and Hunter Islands, accessed through Queen Charlotte Sound and Fitz Hugh Sound.  I venture to say the LaMays have been traveling quite a while.

We see Passage Weaver come into view and visit a bit as we pass port to port. It's a good day.

We pass Stackhouse Island to enter Sutlej channel and turn around Walker Point to port, and the starboard side of Maude Islet to cruise into the closed resort located in a cove on the north side of Broughton Island.

We look, we hesitate, we tie to the unstable but probable strong section of dock. We will think about this and decide if we should stay here for the night.  Skipper checks WX again and we take a look around.

There is danger here.  One float under the end of the dock has come loose and washed against the float on the other side.  Some sections of the bull rail are no longer attached.

There is beauty here.  The barn swallow perches on the apex of one of the buildings to look for insects.  He has made a dirt dobber type nest just below the eave. 

There is peace here -- no cell phone service, no water, no power, no WiFi....

Find two peaceful Ranger Tugs....

There is more beauty here.  We climb the steps up the steep hill 'at our own risk' but stop before we go very far.  The mosquitoes are too hungry, but what we do see are lovely trails in either direction at the top of the hill, one leading past an outhouse that has not deteriorated (or so it appears from the outside.)

Back down the steps to the main dock we carefully choose our footing so as not to fall through and discover the K-9 Yacht Club, an attachment to the outside dock, complete with grassy sod to welcome pets.

Find two Ranger Tugs and the boarded up marina buildings....  The main dock in the U of the U-shape has a joint that screams as you step from one section to the other.  It is scary if you don't anticipate the noise.

Our boats are secure and we decide to stay the night. Dinner is fried oysters and the sunset is glorious minute by minute.

                                                               Sunset Photos by Walldog Herb

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, August 3, 2014


  1. Wow what and adventure! Travel Safe! Cindy (Celtic Sun)

    1. I don't think we would have stayed there if we were the only boat....

  2. That would have been wise! Love all your pictures and comments. When will you be heading south and how far north do you plan to travel? Cindy (Celtic Sun)

    1. We are in Port McNeil for a couple of days, will leave tomorrow to turn 'south.' Back to The Broughtons, then points farther south.

  3. Will you be back in time for the Rendezvous? If so we will see you then! Cindy