Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gail and Herb -- 8/24/2014

More people we know are born mid to late August than any other time of the year -- or so it seems. Gail's day was yesterday, but she chose to have the celebration today when Bruce and Vicki could be here.  Herb's is today.  We also learn David, Jorge and Marcus recently celebrated and wish they could be here.

Other friends in town are Ray and Brenna, and Kim and Karen of Nest Egg.

Whose boat is big enough for the party?

Hmmm....what about the clubhouse of the Sailing Club?  Lucky us, it is available and the reservation is made for tonight with Patrick and Gail hosting.  The clubhouse is in a beautiful wooded setting with three parking lots, all on different levels of the hill.  A steep drive leads from the highway down to the clubhouse and beyond to a loading area closer to the marina gate.

Not seen in the photo are many, many stair steps on the right side leading up to the north entrance.

In the afternoon Brenna and Ray return from an outing into town -- Saturday Market is in full swing -- plus there are many shops and boutiques to explore.  We meet them on the steep drive down to the marina. She presents Herb with a birthday gift, and says, "Be careful not to spill it.  Keep it upright."  It is taped closed, so this is a difficult task as he attempts to open the box.

He does manage to get it open and I can only photograph a tiny part of the delicious looking dessert of cheesecake topped with fresh raspberries.  Yum, yum!  I hope Herb will share with me!  Brenna also bought herself a new blouse for a souvenir of Salt Spring Island.

Bruce and Vicki are expected any minute. Herb and I had planned to meet them at the float plane, but realize we don't have time to get there, so go to the breakwater dock to watch the flight come in. When it doesn't come at the scheduled time, we assume it was early and we missed it, so we hurry up to the clubhouse to catch them coming down the drive.

Yea!  They are here!

Bruce and Vicki are now 'at home' on Gail and Patrick's Last Call, for today renamed The Last Call B&B.  Gail has provided all the appropriate snacks and drinks you would expect in a fabulous B&B -- oh, I see chocolate!!!  And fresh cut flowers.

Gail also has become the Tour Director and takes us to Salt Springs Winery for a tasting.

If I remember correctly, we taste five and I actually like four, rating them according to my preference.  One is Millotage, which we had enjoyed earlier in the week at a restaurant.

Bruce buys as well as tastes!  Nice box with the Salt Spring Winery label.

The garden setting is so beautiful with grape vines about, a band stand for the musicians, complete with tables front and center for guests to enjoy the music while sipping wine.

The pleasant afternoon is followed by our car trip back to the Sailing Club where we find Patrick in the kitchen BBQing ribs and chicken, while potato logs roast in the oven.  Karen brings a wonderful green salad to complement the meal.

Patrick, you are amazing!  Happy Birthday to Gail and Herb!

Tonight's party, hosted by Patrick, is such a hit and enjoyed so much, that the 'Mini-Rendezvous' committee introduces a resolution, to wit: 

This party is declared the First Annual August Birthday Party, held on Salt Spring Island. The next party is planned for this time next year, with all August birthday friends invited and expected to attend.  Attendance is not limited to the honorees, but all friends are hereby invited!

Patrick with the Ribs
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Sunday, August 24, 2014

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