Saturday, August 30, 2014

Another Laundry Room Story -- 8/27/2014

Now that we are back from 'The North,' we stop for a while to provision and reorganize for the remaining time we will be on Willie's Tug this Summer.   Herb and I unload all the clothes and other items we no longer need for this season and he takes them to the motor home, which is stored in a marine yard in here Anacortes.

Then it is laundry time.  

I take my laundry bag, which will fill two washers, dump it into a dock cart and go to the nearest laundry room by the marina office.  Uh, oh, a lady is using them both and says to me, "You are out of luck, and a man just came by and left."

I thank her for the information and head to the laundry at the far side of the marina.  I am so tired from pulling and pushing the awkward cart down the dock, up the ramp and over to the next building.  The wheels of the cart catch some of the shrubbery, but I get it free and arrive to do my wash.

Yes, there is a man there, so he must be the one who left the other laundry room.

Historically, when I return to the boat from doing laundry, I have a 'Laundry Room Story' to tell Herb.  Something funny, something weird, or some very interesting persons.  Today is no exception, as the man tells me there has been a cell phone left charging for some time and asks if it is mine.  

That will be my laundry room story today:  who would go off and leave their cell phone???

Well, not really....

I am so tired I do not remember how the subject of Alaska comes up, but I learn he has just returned from a cruise to there.  Now, I get really excited to hear all about it, since Herb and I had to cancel our trip earlier in the Spring.  I learn his name is Jay and he and his wife Kay have a 37 foot Pacific Trawler -- Hull #3 -- from 1974, Westerly.  She must be a beautiful boat.

I ask many questions and can't wait to get back to the boat to tell Herb about our conversation and that he also knows Sam Landsman and Mark Bunzel of Waggoner Cruising Guide.  

However, with many chores yet to be done, I don't remember until we are preparing dinner.  He is excited, also, and we plan to walk over to Westerly after dinner to leave our boat card.  But we are delighted when he comes by and we visit in the cockpit for quite a while.  He and Herb have so much to talk about.

I forget to take a photo, but have the picture of his boat card.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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