Thursday, August 28, 2014

Never a Dull Moment -- 8/25/2014

Our excitement for the day begins with our seeing Lyman off at the float plane dock.  He will make a short trip, then will be back to continue the cruise north with friends.

It is amazing to me how they can pull a heavy plane from the end around to the side of the dock with only the dock lines.

Off he goes!

Janeane and guest Vicki graciously invite all of us back to Zuma for the last evening before Bruce, Vicki, Herb and I leave to go south.  An added treat is gathering on the upper deck where Bruce will grill fresh Sockeye salmon.  

During the afternoon we become aware of a lone sailor near us using a lever to crank his anchor up. He works and works and works, and we are not sure what is going on.  

Anchored more toward Ganges Harbour is a Ranger Tug, so Janeane and Herb dinghy over to invite them to join us.    While cruising back they notice the sailboat has moved away from us and the sailor seems to be quite agitated.  They call out to ask if he is OK and are told he has his anchor up but cannot start his motor.  He has no control of the drifting vessel.  

The boat continues to drift toward another sailboat.

Janeane positions the dinghy at the stern and Herb grabs onto the sailing vessel to steady it as a small boat comes up to try to tow it to the dock to tie up until the owner can get repairs. 

Patrick returns from work to join us and when he is told about the boat in distress, he immediately turns around to go lend a hand.  He pushes the bow and and together they get the sailing vessel to the dock, where he waits for assistance.

While the small boat is trying to tow, they are yelling and hitting each other.  It becomes apparent the young men and out of control, so Patrick tells them to cut loose and "We will handle getting the boat to the dock."   


Bruce grills fresh Sockeye salmon for dinner, while others prepare salad and sides.


Dinner is delicious, as usual, and we marvel at the ever changing sunset views to keep us spellbound.

Here is one of them with many shades of pink lighting the undersides of the fluffy layers of clouds....

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Monday, August 25, 2014

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