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Dinner at 6 (again) Cordero Lodge -- 8/12/2014

Last night after dinner at Port Harvey Marine Resort we ordered Cinnamon Buns, which are a specialty here and they are hot out of the oven this morning for breakfast.  I walk up to the dining room at 7A to get them, and it is all I can do to keep from eating both of them on the way back to the boat.

Inez and Myrna should know that Cici's were never this good or this large! Currants and raisins and more.   Richard calls out from his boat as I pass, "Delectable!"  I respond,  "Decadent!"

Wayne has the water hose ready early so we top off our tank.  While Herb readies Willie's Tug for a day of travel, I take a last look around for photos.  First is a cute little tug, the Fire Boat.  I step aboard and note it has everything one needs, but seems to be like a toy.

Entrance to the Dining Room at Port Harvey

Blue Horizons leaves early and we cast off at 8:30A with reports of 17 knot winds to push us in Johnstone strait and current against us.  Frank calls on 68 to say it is calm at the entrance to Port Harvey channel but with visibility at a quarter to half a mile.  He also warns to watch for many logs at the turn at Broken Islands. They see orcas near the eastern shore, but we are too far to their starboard.

Skipper reduces speed from 14  to 7 knots to thread our way through the logs. The sun is breaking through now and them as it fights with the stubborn fog.  

Radar shows a boat coming toward us on our starboard and finally we see it, barely visible.


The fog thins a bit, allowing us to see three small fishing boats speeding past on their way to catch the big ones.

I take a peek out the cabin door to see OdySea slogging along in the chop and swells.  We get rolled mainly from the wakes of other boats and rebounding waves from shore.  Occasionally we get 4 foot seas.

Rough Water

The sun is high in the sky at 9A when the fog is gone and we are able to see our scenery more clearly.  

Floating log with Root

Arrow Point

Navionics program on my iPad shows Johnstone Strait with Willie's Tug represented by the large red arrow pointing the direction of travel. The smaller blue arrows show the direction of the current -- 4 knots against us still.  

We continue in Johnstone Strait and when we get south of Hardwicke Island, the ride is smoother, due to less fetch.  Earl Ledge marker and logging is on our port side just before Current Passage, which we take to go on the northeast side of Helmcken Island.

We are startled to see one of the three fast boats now appearing to be dead in the water.  We slow to approach and ask if he is OK.  The fisherman calls back that he has run out of gas and is changing to his second tank.  He thanks us for checking on him, then is on his way to catch the other two buddies.

I'm OK!

We see him up ahead darting around their wakes  as a dolphin flirting.

Now leaving Johnstone strait we turn to port into Chancellor Channel with Hardwicke Island on our port and West Thurlow Island on our starboard.  Fanny Island weather station reports measureing 19 knot winds northwest at 10A, the time we passed there.  I'm glad we have moved to smoother water.

Frank radios they are at Whirlpool Rapids, having gone the different route through Sunderland Channel for a time.  We pass the confluence where they will re-enter Chancellor Channel and time our transit through Greenpoint Rapids. West Thurlow is still on our starboard and the mainland of BC is on our port.   Frank also informs us he has made reservations at Cordera for all three Tugs, as well as dinner for 6 at 6.  We laugh at the news and decide he makes a great tour director.

I love "Beautiful BC."

Greenpoint Rapids is quite tame near slack, with only some eddies to transit.

Greenpoint Rapids at Slack

After Griffith's Islet, we arrive at Cordera Lodge on the mainland of BC, north of East Thurlow Island.  One of the CEOs, Wayne, can be see at the left of the photo below, waiting to catch our lines for a side tie.

Wayne at Cordera Lodge

After registering in the office, I take a look around at the inviting decor.

Barn Swallow over Door to Office

We visit with a couple from Ontario, who are here on a whale watch boat from Campbell River and wear red rain suits for the splashes.  While they have lunch, their guide points out where they are and where the next sighting should be.  

A conversation ensues about 'been to your neck of the woods,' and we learn they came to Pass Christian MS after Hurricane Katrina to help clean up and rebuild. She now knows how to pronounce the name of the town.

Whale Watch Boat

Wayne directs us at the end of long dock, which ends with a helipad; hence the sign for Cordero International Airport.  We are going to love this place!

Cordero International Airport

Find three Ranger Tugs....

As we gather for dinner each of us has a turn at the piano in the great room.  Frank is so talented, he can play with his knuckles.

Chris demonstrates it can be done with two fingers.

I use both hands to effect chords.  We play the songs we know.

Vicki the cook sets a nice table for us and begins the meal with a fresh garden salad.

Wayne changes to his silk dinner shirt and adds charm to the friendly gathering.



Seafood Wrap

Topic of conversation this evening is, "Which place we have visited on the cruise north is our favorite?"  As we are sorting out the pros and cons, Wayne is heard pacing  back and forth by our table, murmuring "Cordera Lodge!  Cordera Lodge!"   We laugh hysterically....he fits right into our group!

For dessert Vicki suggests we each order a different one and share.  Herb samples my chocolate cake drizzled with cherry sauce.  Yum, yum!

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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