Friday, August 15, 2014

The Red Shoe Restaurant at Port Harvey -- 8/11/2014

I wake this Monday morning in Potts Lagoon, peering out to see a pale blue sky with ribbons of pink that promise a sunny day.  The current is slack, there is no wind and all the boats have turned to face the rapids to the east.  The only sound I hear is the percolator making our coffee.  Ah, the aroma!  One of my favorite times of day.

On the south side of the lagoon are several float houses, possibly for workers in the logging and blasting operations.  My favorite is this blue one, all boarded up and adorned with blue barrels of...something....

As we leave around 10A low lying patches of cloudy mist are against the trees.   We turn to starboard into Clio Channel and I see my lovely rocky shore.  So beautiful!

We pass Bones Bay and then into Cracroft Inlet to go over the north end of Minstrel Island.  Mike calls on the radio that the tide and wind conditions are good for going through The Blowhole.  Herb agrees and alters course to go south of Minstrel.  We are glad we turned, as we see dense fog on the course we would have taken.

We come to a very large stump, whose angle suggests it was a hazard to navigation and cut.  Surely, it was logged and not left to float about.

Traveling along, Herb mentions range markers in Chatham Channel and has them lined up before I even have them in sight.  Good job!

Frank calls to tell us he has made reservations at Port Harvey Marina for moorage and dinner for all of us.  This is going to be a fabulous evening.

We now have East Cracroft Island on our starboard and the mainland of British Columbia on our port, with higher mountains there than on the islands.  We turn next to starboard and south into Havannah Channel, passing Hull Island and Mistake Island.  The sea is rippled and confused at Bockett Point.   

Port Harvey is a long way up the channel, but we are finally here and glad, because the wind is picking up and travel will not be so smooth soon.

With two loads of laundry to do, I go immediately to the laundry area to get that chore behind me.  I soon notice we have no power on the dock and go to inquire.  George, the manager, tells me the generator (we are and have been off the grid in the wilderness) is down with a broken belt.  He should have the new belt on shortly.

One load is in the dryer and the second load is in the washer.  George tells me the supplier has given him the wrong belt size and he has no other spare.  Oh, no!  A fellow boat guest overhears this and tells me I can just hang my laundry on the boat because the sun is shining.  I wonder if she knows what size my boat is.

Gail is preparing the evening meal for us and says as soon as she is finished with the oven, she can turn my dryer back on, as the small generator will not handle both.   Everything will work out.

In the meantime Frank suggests we have a group picture made at low tide -- see how much of the rock is exposed.  Then we will do the same at high tide around 9P tonight and see how much of the rock is covered with water.  Cool!

Happy Hour is on Willie's Tug this afternoon with main dish being Dawn-Marie's prawns.

Dinner is in the Red Shoe Restaurant at the marina with Gail cooking.  For most of the evening we are the only table being served.

Gail tells us how the restaurant got its name.   A neighbor, Doug, had a red high heel shoe hanging from a tree in his yard.  When asked why, he said, "Doesn't everyone have a lucky whore shoe in their tree?"  When he passed away at age 81, George and Gail honored him by naming their restaurant The Red Shoe Restaurant.  There is red tape forming squares for horseshoe games on the main dock.  Competitors throw either red high heel shoes or black high heel shoes in a tournament once a year.

There is also a tradition that if you bring a red shoe to donate to the decor, you get a free dessert.  Chris' maroon Teva sandles aren't red enough.  She and Dawn-Marie attempt to try on the shoe from the counter, but it must have been made for Cinderella.

It doesn't fit Herb, either.

Dinner conversation is the game, "Two Truths and a Lie," hilariously done by all of us.  Richard and Carol on Suntour slip in quietly to a corner table and finally cannot resist joining in the fun.

The washer and dryer are re-started at 8P and the last load of towels is folded at 10:30P.  

This is a great evening, great food, many laughs, a glorious sunset, and wouldn't you know, we forget to take the 9P photo at low tide.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Monday, August 11, 2014


  1. We enjoyed your visit and I was glad you were able to finish your laundry!

    1. It was a fun evening. I am sure you got your belt for the big generator soon, and I hope it serves you for a long time! Thanks for all you did for us, and the cinnamon buns were awesome!!!