Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mayor of the Dock -- Part 2 Jennis Bay Continued -- 8/4/2014

Everyone knows Dr. Jake C. Harleton MD (redundancy intended) is Mayor of the Dock!

However, at Jennis Bay Marina there are several pets -- all off leash and friendly -- who think they are the Major.  It is fun to see them interact.  Coal looks at Jake and wonders if he can unseat him.

Jake is ready to defend his title and make friends.

Pretty Dog thinks she should be mayor.

 Dr. Jake:  Uh, oh!  Here comes trouble.  Coal and I may not be able to win this one.

Coal:  Oh, yes, Dr. Jake, I will do whatever I need to do.

Round One begins here as Charlie tells Diesel to forget about being Mayor.  Charlie says he is quick and has many other qualifications.

Diesel (so named because he looks like something found in the bilge, according to his owner) says he should be major because he is the youngest and can serve a longer term.

Diesel:  Catch me if you can.

But wait!  I must stop for the photo op!

Charlie, you are causing me to have a bad hair day!

Seeing that Round One is a stalemate, Coal tells the cute little ones the game is over.

They continue, so he tries to intervene.

Coal, you are not fast enough.  The puppies continue, forgetting they are vying for top position, and begin to play.  Who wants to be Mayor anyway; it would just mean a lot of responsibility. 

No worries, Dr. Jake is Mayor of the dock and always will be.  He has taken care of the duties of the position and now enjoys a well deserved rest.

Dr. Jake C. Harleton MD
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Monday, August 4, 2014

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