Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bye for Now, Willie's Tug -- 4/1-2/2014

Up early this morning on B-Dock to catch the Bellair shuttle to SeaTac for our flight on Alaska Air back to San Antonio.

Can't wait to see my dawg!

Having packed our luggage last night, there is not much to do this morning, so we tell Willie's Tug "So long for a couple of weeks" and get to the pick up point at Cap Sante Marina office early enough to visit with Sheila and Dale on their way to work in the office. 

I can't resist a photo of the Pedestrian Right of Way sign at the airport.  I like the law directing traffic to stop when a person is in a crosswalk, or starts to step off the curb into a crosswalk.  It's the law, but I like to think the drivers are just being courteous.

Our flight gets us to San Antonio too late to drive the five hours to Port Isabel, so we spend the night in a hotel nearby.  The next morning Herb gets into the driver's seat of our car and says, "I am not used to driving from the port side."

Getting closer to Port Isabel, we are more excited....

Can't wait to see my dawg! 

We have missed him, but know he has been well taken care of my his Aunt Myrna next door.  We know this because Dr. Jake C. Harleton MD (redundancy intended) has been writing a blog and posting on Facebook.

(Last time we left him with Myrna and returned to greet him, he went to HER for a hug -- not us.)  So today we quietly park and walk to the gate to see if he will hear us.  No.  So we have to call him to Come, Jake.   He was sleeping and has to take a few minutes to wake.

Dr. Jake Loves His Daddy!
Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday and Wednesday, April 1 and 2, 2014


  1. Hi Willie,

    It is May 1st, and soon you will be here...hooray!
    Safe travels, Anne

    1. Yes! We are in LaGrande OR -- beautiful -- and probably will arrive during the day Saturday, rather than late Friday.