Friday, May 9, 2014

Few Steps, More Miles -- 4/29/2014

Today we leave Amarillo at 8A under sunny skies and a temp of 47 degrees.  Yesterday I wore short sleeves and today a turtleneck.  We are quickly in New Mexico and see their bright colorful state signs!

We love beautiful terrain with highways carved out of mountain rock, and also find that we do not leave the winds behind totally.

I think the winds blow all of the soil from Mexico and South New Mexico onto the highway in front of us and it really reminds me of Hwy. 48 leading from Port Isabel to Brownsville TX at certain times of the year.   Sand piles up against the vegetation on the median.   And begins to blow across the highway.

 It is getting harder to see ahead and visibility drops toward zero.

But it doesn't last forever.  We drive more north and through the town of Shiprock and leave the dust behind.  Is this the rock?

Soon we are in Colorado and home for the evening at Ute Mountain Casino RV Resort. 

We go to our assigned site and the voice we hear is Sweet Caroline saying, "Mr. Stark, my automatic air bag levelers are beginning to work; however if you would move me across the fairway to that site, I think I could level quicker.  

Find Sweet Caroline....     at her new site....

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Tuesday, April 29, 2014


  1. Very nice! You were near our old stomping grounds in Kayenta when you took the picture of Shiprock. We do not fondly remember those sand storms while living on the reservation for 5 years. One morning we woke up to three inches of sand that covered our yard overnight. Save Travels, Cindy and Gerry (Celtic Sun). We see you are signed up for the Rendezvous so we will see you then.

    1. So, instead of shoveling snow, did you shovel sand?