Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Think We Are on Vacation -- 4/28/2014

Herb plans to drive a long day today, making a few miles.  Anacortes is a long way ahead!  So we leave Advanced RV Resort in Pearland at almost first light. We check out of the park, make it all the way to the feeder road and hope to find a window in the line of traffic in which to get Sweet Caroline and the towed truck rolling again.

Morning rush hour heading into downtown Houston speeds along, causing tail lights and the headlights in the photo to be red and white streaks.   

Shortly we are on our way.

An extension of the Pauli Exclusion Principle, named after Wolfgang Pauli, states that no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time.  This certainly applies to vehicles on the highway.  We see one accident and a few yards farther is another.  We hope no one is injured.

An awesome sight is the 67 ft. tall statue of Sam Houston near Huntsville TX, named "Tribute to Courage."  Houston was a politician and soldier and instrumental in bringing Texas into the US.

The Texas state flower, the bluebonnet, is in full bloom this Spring and so lovely to see along the countryside, especially with the blues mixed in with other orange wildflowers.

Down memory lane we pass through Fort Worth and see the sign for the town of Hurst, where I lived years ago with 'young children.'

Eventually we come into Amarillo and see the billboard advertising a 72 oz steak for $72, but is FREE if you can eat the set menu in one hour.  This includes shrimp cocktail, baked potato, salad, roll and butter.  What?  No dessert?

We make it to the Amarillo Ranch RV Park, and look forward to a good night's rest and  making a few more miles tomorrow.  I think we are now on vacation!

Find Sweet Caroline....

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Monday, April 28, 2014

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