Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Walk-about Seattle -- 5/14/2014

When Tym gives up his day job, he should be a tour guide for the Seattle area.  He has had Circle T at Stimson Marina for a couple of years or so, and knows the area well.

He shares with us the benefit of his experience on the public transportation system, and we join him on a ride of Bus 40 as they head toward the rail for SeaTac and home.  He also tells us where the many favorite restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries are in Ballard.

We say so long for now and continue our journey to sign up for our bus passes.  I love 'leaving the driving to them' while I watch the scenery -- I grab my phone to take a photo of the Space Needle, but the angle is not right, too late as the bus moves along.

Herb plots his course on his phone map and checks to see where we would like to go next.  At one point he says, "Let's walk the next mile."  Fine, I say, because we are walkers and like to explore.  

Did I say we are now downtown?  

We turn a corner to follow our 'guide to' and I look up, up, up the hill in front of me.  Oh, my goodness!  Not a problem, as I got 77 FitBit floors the day we loaded Sweet Caroline for our trip to the PNW.  I can do this.

Oh, but this is different.

After a rest stop or two for me, we complete our mile and wait for Bus 2 (I think) to take us to our next connection.  Aboard now, we descend that hill and I think, "Walking uphill and riding downhill?  This is so wrong!"  We arrive at our marina after changing buses again, and reflect on the helpful people we met all day.

People we don't know hear our conversations, note our looking about, and offer to help -- many of them going the same way and getting off at the same stops.  What an experience!  I love Seattle!

13,518 FitBit steps, 27 floors.

Herb's comment, "This will be a beautiful waterfall during the rain."

Find Dr. Jake, Mayor of the Dock

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and of Walldog, Willie and Jake
   Wednesday, May 14, 2014

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