Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 97 - Anacortes WA - Monday, August 15, 2011

It is a lovely morning and we watch the cloud formations as they change shape.  What do you see in the clouds?

A seal swims by, but he is quite shy.

Perhaps he is scared off by the trawler.

This seagull sitting on the log is our friend, as he warns us of the log along our route, just as we have to watch out for a ferry, as well.

We test our multi-tasking skills.

We must clear US customs in Anacortes after 4 PM when they complete their checks on the ferry, so we do not need to be in a hurry to get back.

We take time to cruise at a fuel economy speed, and enjoy some scenery.

We like this house on Bell Island.

Near Orcas Island we dodge another ferry.

A rare sight today is a sailboat with three sails up.
We think it may be a training vessel.

We go through Peavine Pass, south of Obstruction Island, then south into Rosario Strait.  As we come to the southern end of Cypress Island, we turn north into Bellingham Channel to explore and run out the clock.

At the northern end of Guemes Island we head east toward the Samish Peninsula  and come upon a bell buoy that we had never seen before.  We usually go closer to the coast of Guemes.  it is nice to hear the bell and be warned of hazards near Jack Island.

With more time to use before 4 PM, we cruise around the tankers for Shell Oil Company that are in the Fidalgo Bay.

Our 4 PM appointment with Customs goes well, and we are allowed to step off the boat onto US soil.

Then the impromptu party begins.

Shown are Lisa of Chiquita, Bob of Nellie Too, Nita of Nellie Too, and Leroy of Chiquita.

We share stories of our adventures after we went our separate ways in Desolation Sound.

And then there is Willie!

Tina, note the yellow wine glasses............

Lincoln helps his Aunt Arlene with her luggage as she leaves for home.

And then he comes to visit, bringing his Grandpa Tym also.

We sleep well tonight.

Willie of Willie's Tug,
   and Walldog, Willie and Jake


  1. Willie, stop feeding that boy wine!!! LOL!! Missing you all.....


  2. Gail, how funny! I see what you are looking at. We had no pop, so he had water!!! I promise! LOL. He is precious and we will miss him.